Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh

    Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh

    May 18, 2024

    Nothing is more beautiful than waterfalls that fall downhill. One of the most amazing experiences in nature is witnessing liters of water seemingly fall from the sky. The crystal clear water, crackling sound, and ethereal atmosphere always make you feel as though you're swimming in a foggy dream.

    Waterfalls are attractive to everyone since they are a natural beauty. The peacefulness of waterfalls makes them soothing regardless of the weather, be it bright or dull. 

    Every year, millions of tourists go to Himachal Pradesh to take in the natural beauty of nature. Snow-capped peaks are possibly Himachal Pradesh's most picturesque features. It is, after all, the adventure park of India. But nothing is more enjoyable than visiting undiscovered waterfalls in Himachal tour. The presence of waterfalls here is truly a gift from mother nature, which is the reason they should not be forgotten.

    And so you don't miss upon some of the spellbinding waterfalls, we bring you a well curated list of popular waterfalls as well as the undiscovered waterfalls to visit on your visit.

    Must Visit This 9 Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh

    • Thala Falls
    • Khabru Waterfall
    • Jogini Waterfall
    • Kaksen and Bhagsen Waterfall
    • Lapas Waterfall
    • Bhagsu Falls
    • Gunehar Waterfall
    • Palani Waterfall
    • Sissu Waterfall

    1. Thala Falls:

    Located approximately nine kilometers away from Bharmour, Thala Falls is a picturesque waterfall famous for its gorgeous setting. This waterfall should be on your list of must-sees if you're one of those peace seekers on vacation in the region because it's easily accessible by a cab. It is also among Himachal Pradesh's stunning waterfalls. The best element? Many waterfalls are well-known for their incredible beauty during the monsoon season, but Thala Waterfall is one location that is great all year round since it has a wealth of water that makes you want to remain forever.

    2. Khabru Waterfall: 

    The second-highest waterfall in Himachal Pradesh is this one. Really?! Isn't that awesome!? One of the greatest waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh is situated in the beautiful Boh Valley. Boh Village is six kilometers away from Boh Valley, which is about 50 kilometers from Kangra. If you are traveling to Boh Valley, you might wish to stop at this location because of the gorgeous views and waterfall. This is a spot where everyone gets to enjoy the many shades of nature. When you see all the greenery around you, the majesty of mother nature will take your breath away. Also, you can grab tea, soft drinks, quick food, snacks, and other food items from neighboring little vendors in Boh village. 

    3. Jogini Waterfall:

    The 160-foot Jogini Waterfall flows down mountains and into the Beas River and Kullu Valley. The waterfall, which bears the name Jogini after the native goddess, is located close to Vashisht Village in Manali. You'll finish the hike in about an hour and be rewarded with stunning scenery at the top of the mountain. Hiking will take you through apple orchards, creeks, and pine forests. There are several high slopes and steps throughout the trail, so it's not a level one. It is best to avoid trekking in the dark by not leaving it until late in the day. 

    4. Kaksen and Bhagsen Waterfall:

    The Kaksen and Bhagsen waterfall in Bharmour is another stunning yet serene waterfall. The breathtaking Kaksen and Bhagsen Waterfall is situated around 17 kilometers away from Bharmour. Many mythical tales are connected to Bhagsen Falls, and the people interpret the falls as symbolizing sin and Kaksen as human virtue. According to a belief, sin has multiplied in Kalyuga, which explains why there is less water in Kaksen waterfall, which represents virtue, and more water in Bhagsen waterfall, which represents earthly wrongdoing. It's also beneficial for photographers!

    5. Lapas Waterfall:

    This undiscovered waterfall is close to Barot, one of the most picturesque locations in Himachal Pradesh. Except for when it rains, the roads are broad, straight, and in good condition. The landscapes are just as stunning. You can actually pause at certain places along the route to take pictures of the scenery! You can get help from Google Maps to a certain point, after which you'll need to speak with locals about the fall. When you go into Barot, you'll be astounded by what you see. When you look down, you'll see lush mountains next to a river that is running. 

    6. Bhagsu Falls:

    The most photographed waterfall all around is Bhagsu Falls, which is conveniently located little over an hour from Dharamshala. The white water streaming down the rock layers is visible on a clear day, and at night the glow worms that reside in the moss and vegetation below can be noticed. It's only a 10 minutes' walk from Bhagsu if you're yearning for more. Let us tell you something you should know before you go. It's a really packed location. Make your choice in light of this. It's not to everyone's taste, as you are aware. 

    7. Gunehar Waterfall:

    The primary draw of Gunehar Village, which is located around 1.5 kilometers from Bir, is the Gunehar Waterfall. A short walk from the town brings you to the majestic 100-foot waterfall, which is guaranteed to provide you one of the most exhilarating and satisfying experiences of your life. Observing the glistening water slide down the hill is a wonderful aesthetic treat. Alongside the amazing views, visitors can indulge in exciting jeep adventures or leisurely bike rides along charming pathways, all against the stunning background of the Dhauladhar mountains. This location attracts a lot of visitors, particularly those who enjoy nature and photography.

    8. Palani Waterfall:

    The Palani Waterfall is situated in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district. One of the highest waterfalls in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the Palani waterfall. One of Kullu's most sacred temples, Bijli Mahadev Temple, is 6 kilometers away. The rushing water has such a powerful effect that it chills you to the bone with its captivating effect. Palani Waterfall is 492 feet high, and its magical falls produce mist and waves that will awaken your senses. Even just seeing the water drop from this height is an exhilarating sight. This location also boasts awe-inspiring flora. Visitors from near and far are drawn to this magnificent waterfall each year. 

    9. Sissu Waterfall:

    It is a stunning waterfall in Sissu that lies within a kilometer from the highway. It drops from a distance of around 50 meters. You can view the waterfall from the roadway as well. The hike to the foot of the waterfall, however, is an experience not to be missed. The Himalayan area is home to numerous stunning waterfalls, but because of its rich greenery, this one is particularly captivating. It is said that the Himalayan glaciers provide the water for the falls. 


    The natural beauty of Himachal is quite beautiful. The entire state is full of thrills to discover, such as these Himachal Pradesh waterfalls. But in order to discover these hidden treasures, you must travel beyond the well-known tourist spots and hill stations. 

    Himachal Pradesh has amazing waterfalls, therefore it's hard not to want to explore these captivating places. Prepare your belongings and head to this mountainous haven where you can witness the delights of both the natural world and the city. Therefore, be sure to include the greatest waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh on your itinerary for your next vacation there!

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