Things To Do in Kasauli

    Things To Do in Kasauli

    Jun 01, 2024

    Kasauli is a little hill station put far away within the Shivalik Range, midway between Kalka and Shimla. The British-era cantonment village is becoming a popular weekend getaway and modest retreat location. Beyond its picturesque sights, however, this welcoming hill station offers much more. The most popular things to do in Kasauli, according to us, are listed below for those who want to visit this serene retreat shortly. There's nothing that Kasauli can't provide to make your experience here the most amazing of your life.

    For those seeking adventure or relaxation, Kasauli offers a plethora of activities. Explore the many activities that this lovely town in Himachal Pradesh has to offer by reading on to learn about our pick of the top things to do in Kasauli. Have a glance:

    10 Must-Do Things in Kasauli in 2024

    1. Take a nature walk to nowhere
    2. Enjoy the OG Toy Train ride
    3. Make a trek trip to gorgeous valleys
    4. Go on a shopping spree
    5. Dive into the mouth watering local cuisines
    6. Trek to Gilbert and make the most of nature
    7. Gurkha Fort - A place for photography
    8. Find solitude at Christ Church
    9. Go monkey spotting at Monkey Point
    10. Make a trip to one of the finest breweries in the town

    Take a nature walk to nowhere: 

    Among the best things to do in Kasauli is this. One of the coolest things to do in Kasauli is to take a nature walk around the most picturesque surroundings since the city exudes romanticism. Take your partner on a leisurely stroll along Lower Mall, Kimmughat & Sunset Point, Lover's Lane, the Sanatorium, and the cantonment area to make the most of your weekend getaway. The trek provides the greatest sweeping perspectives of high Himalayan peaks and is tranquil and refreshing. Surrounded by some of the top luxury villas in Himachal Pradesh, this location is equally magnificent.

    Enjoy the OG Toy Train ride: 

    Traveling on the old toy train between the two nearby stations will add a touch of uniqueness and charm to your Kasauli trips. A trip on the toy train is among the top activities in Kasauli.One can take the train up to Barog and back from Kasauli, or they can travel about 10 kilometers to Dharampur. It's a dreamlike Himachal Trip through the hill tunnels, gorges, little hillside hamlets, and woods of oak and pine. A delightful trip and one of Kasauli's captivating tourist attractions is the toy train, which UNESCO has honored as a World Heritage Site. In Barog, which is three minutes away, one can even explore the longest tunnel. Keep your camera with you at all times.

    Make a trek trip to gorgeous valleys:  

    Trek journeys are among the most interesting things to do in the city because of the incredible views, interesting wandering high paths, cool, pleasant weather, and fewer chaotic surroundings. The Lower Mall Road journey in Kasauli, which leads to the picturesque destinations of Manki, Jabli, and Sunset Point, is both energizing and calming. Remember to bring your tracksuits and walking shoes. It is among the top activities in Himachal Pradesh's Kasauli. One of the finest experiences is trekking close to Kasauli.

    Go on a shopping spree: 

    Many tiny Tibetan-owned stores along the lower Mall road, offering scarves, stoles, hand-woven shawls, and other handicrafts. Fresh seasonal fruits such as peaches, plums, and apricots harvested from orchards are sold in the fruit markets. There is also a wide range of jams and marmalades. The two souvenir stores on the Mall Road, Pinkonez and Mug Studio, are well-liked tourist destinations in Kasauli because they have a wide selection of gifts. Kasauli is famous for the wide variety of moderately cost, locally produced fruit wines. Apple wine, plum wine, sherry wine, peach wine, and black grape wine are a few of the well-liked savories.

    Dive into the mouth watering local cuisines: 

    One of the finest things for foodies to do in Kasauli is to enjoy Tibetan cuisine. The lower Mall area is dotted with native Tibetan food booths offering a variety of dumplings and thukpa choices. You should also try the Sidu bread, Madara, and Halwa with poppy seeds. Also, one may have healthful and energizing drinks like Green Ginger Tea. Kasauli is famous for its Band Samosa, which is a packed bun that is served with chole and chutney. Very tasty! Lets not forget the restaurants serving authentic Tibetan cuisine, NH22 Dhaba and Narinder Sweet House are well-liked tourist destinations.

    Trek to Gilbert and make the most of nature: 

    One of the finest things to do in Kasauli is to take a trip along the Gilbert Trail, if you're wondering what to do or where to go exploring. Out of all the daring activities you can do in Kasauli, this one is the most exhilarating. The 1.5 kilometer kachha pathway, which leads from Lovers Lane around steep cliffs' small, strolling slopes, is extremely wet. As such, walking along this route should be done with particular caution. On this terrain, exercise extreme caution and wear supportive, comfortable footwear. Watch carefully for sharp shrubs as well.

    Gurkha Fort - A place for photography: 

    This ancient historical site is one of the top attractions in Kasauli and is situated near Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh. The Gurkha Fort is located at Subathu, about 16 kilometers from Parwanoo, perched on a hillside. By road, it is quite accessible. Located near the town's corner, this historic fort is protected by a thick forest. This location, which is 4500 feet above sea level, is fantastic for photography. Trekking is another option to visit the neighboring, tranquil, and picturesque settlements. For those seeking excitement, trekking is one of the greatest activities to do close to Kasauli.

    Find solitude at Christ Church: 

    Set on Mall Road, this is one of Kasauli's most popular tourist destinations. Surrounded by lovely pine and deodar trees, the church was built by the British in 1853. It's one of the best spots to visit in Kasauli because of its quiet atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Come see the church's outstanding architecture. This popular Kasauli landmark is also a fantastic backdrop for some great photos. The greatest unique places to stay in Himachal Pradesh are all around this location.

    Go monkey spotting at Monkey Point: 

    Overflowed with mischievous yet kind primates, this is the most remarkable spot in all of Kasauli, providing some of the best vistas over the entire area, reaching as far as the metropolitan areas of Chandigarh, Kalka, and Panchkula! One of the main reasons so many photographers and painters visit this location is the sight of the strong Sutlej River winding strongly from this point into the beautiful hills. It is thought that when carrying the Sanjeevani plant across this exact location, Lord Hanuman's foot made contact with it. On the slope's highest point, you can even make out the path of his foot.

    Make a trip to one of the finest breweries in the town: 

    Lying on the outskirts of Kasauli town, this amazing brewery offers tourists incredible scenery of the valley and is possibly one of the most beautiful in the world. Edward Dyer, who built it in the 1820s, chose this location in particular for its lovely spring water and mild climate, which is similar to that of Scotland. Not only is it one of the oldest operational refineries in India, but the whole Asian continent as well. Visiting this brewery in the Kasauli hills is hopefully one of our favorite things to do in Kasauli, among all the interesting things offered.


    Kasauli combines charm, adventure, and a hint of magic in the perfect proportions, much like that family recipe that granny won't tell you. Kasauli has something for everyone, whether you're trekking up to Monkey Point, relaxing with a nice cup of tea at the Mall Road, or channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes at the Sunset Point. You could do everything or nothing at all in this type of location and yet feel satisfied. Thus, gather your belongings, bid farewell to your anxieties, and get set for an incredible journey. Just keep in mind that these monkeys are PhD holders at grabbing goodies, so watch out for those chips! Not only is Kasauli a journey, but it's an experience that leaves you with memories warmer than a Himalayan lit and stories funnier than your dad's old jokes. 

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