Places to Visit in Palampur

    Places to Visit in Palampur

    Jun 02, 2024

    Located in the Kangra Valley, Palampur is a charming mountain town which feels like a well-kept secret that is full of beauty while being evident. Palampur is definitely the odd, charming relative of Himachal Pradesh. Palampur is a destination for anyone looking for a blend of adventure and peacefulness. It is well-known for its lush tea plantations, quiet settings, and a personality as lively as its foliage.

    Think of walking into a postcard, only it's not fiction. For you, that's Palampur. The view is more calming than a thousand beautiful movies, and the air is fresher than an advertisement for minty gum. But wait, there's more to it than just lounging in the great outdoors (though that is strongly advised). Palampur provides an abundance of things to do. This area has everything you could possibly want, from thrill-seekers preparing to paraglide down a sheer cliff to those who would rather drink tea while admiring the snow-capped Dhauladhar range.

    Palampur is full of lovely surprises, such as the historic Baijnath Temple, which offers you a glimpse into ancient Indian architecture, and the calming Bundla Stream, which promises a peaceful date. Palampur is packed with delightful surprises. And here we are, revealing it all. Down below is a well-tailored list of the best of the best places to visit in Palampur, so you get the taste of this spot firsthand. 

    12 Amazing Places to Visit in Palampur: A Journey of Discovery

    1. Baijnath Shiva Temple
    2. Tea Gardens
    3. Tashi Jong Monastery
    4. Dhauladhar National Park
    5. Chamunda Devi Temple
    6. Sherabling
    7. Jwalamukhi Temple
    8. St. John Church
    9. Al-Hilal
    10. Shree Jakshani Mata Temple
    11. Neugal Khad
    12. Andretta Pottery Village

    Baijnath Shiva Temple: 

    The Shiva temple, a representation of ultimate beauty and magnificent architecture, is the most wonderfully built temple located in the Kangra The Himachal Pradesh trip it is said that in order to become eternal, Ravana worship Lord Shiva here first. The stunning building and architectural brilliance mirror the spirit of Puri's Jagannath Temple. And it's considered one of the finest places of Palampur for tourists.

    Tea Gardens: 

    Though it may sound unusual, one of Palampur's main draws is the tea garden in Himachal Pradesh. Known as the "Tea Capital of Northwest India," this area is one of the most amazing places to visit in Palampur because of its vast, lush, green tea gardens. Undoubtedly, these gardens are among the top attractions in Palampur. A picture-perfect place for a nature walk while having a brilliant opportunity to taste some of the finest tea.

    Tashi Jong Monastery: 

    From a distance, it is possible to see the Tashi Jong Monastery's dancing flags and red painted rooftops. The primary attractions of the Tashi Jong complex, which is home to a number of Tibetan refugees, are the massive stupa that resembles a loom and the monastery that is decorated with Tibetan art that is on display on the walls. These are without question the top tourist attractions in Palampur. A place which stores history and an air of solitude in equal parts. 

    Dhauladhar National Park: 

    Another fascinating location in Palampur is the Dhauladhar National Park, which draws visitors with its unique experiences. Also referred to as Gopalpur Zoo, it welcomes tourists interested in wildlife from all around the nation. It is easily accessible from the major city and is 13 kilometers from Palampur. This little zoo, which is home to several endangered animals including red fox, black bears, Asiatic lions, leopards, angora rabbits, sambhar, and deers, is also open for visits. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Palampur is this national park.

    Chamunda Devi Temple: 

    Among the 51 shakti peethas, the Chamunda Devi temple is one of the major holy sites. Situated 10 miles from Palampur, this 700-year-old temple is nestled in thick trees with towering mountain peaks towering behind it. Many followers of the goddess Chamunda, also known as Durga, visit the temple to meditate in the sacred surroundings and ask for favors.


    Tai Siti Rimpoche, a well-known Buddhist preacher, resides at Sherabling, a well-known Buddhist monastery and vicar. This stunning site in Palampur is surrounded by beautiful flora and offers sweeping views of the surroundings. This calm monastery is a must-visit if you're seeking for tourist attractions in Palampur. The main reason to visit Sherabling is the colossal stupa. This is a popular destination for peace seekers and you may encounter many Buddhist pilgrims here. One of the most popular Buddhist monasteries in India is this one.

    Jwalamukhi Temple: 

    One of the most popular tourist destinations close to Palampur is Jwalamukhi Temple. The temple is easily accessible by car, taking 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic, and is situated 35 kilometers away from the major town. One of the Shakti Peethas, the temple features nine fires in the shrine, each called after a Goddess. This is among the top destinations in Kangra for sightseeing.

    St. John Church: 

    One of the most stunning sites to see in Palampur is St. John Church, which was rebuilt in the 1920s. Surrounded by rich forest and beautiful hills, this church has become known for its architecture and interior design. You will sense a peaceful atmosphere as soon as you walk inside this church, so take a seat and clear your head. You must come on a Sunday morning if you would want to participate in a prayer session.


    Another excellent destination in Palampur is Al-Hilal. Al-Hilal, which equates to "land of the crescent moon," is a well-liked tourist destination that offers a gorgeous perspective. Taragarh Fort, which is close to Al-Hilal, offers a lodging choice with an elegant aura. With its lush surroundings and serene atmosphere, this location is perfect for a peaceful weekend escape from the activity of the city.

    Shree Jakshani Mata Temple: 

    Shree Jakshani Mata Temple is a beautiful temple in Palampur where people can meditate and ask Goddess Jakhani for her blessings. If you want your visit to this temple to be truly unforgettable, you have to attend the morning or evening aarti. Tea plantations and scenic surroundings envelop the temple's grounds. You can enjoy the day at the temple, meditate, or carry out rituals like the natives, as there are a few hotels close to the temple.

    Neugal Khad: 

    Neugal Khad in Palampur, tucked away amid the stunning Dhauladhar Himalayas, provides a charming riverside retreat. The rushing Neugal stream highlights the captivating environment, giving guests an atmosphere of relaxation. Because of its gorgeous surrounding and abundance of vegetation, the region is a favored spot for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The appeal of Neugal Khad is unstoppable, whether you're looking for seclusion or want to take a leisurely stroll. This picturesque riverbank location, sometimes referred to as the ideal picnic site, is great for relaxing, having a picnic, or just taking in the loveliness of Palampur's natural surroundings. One of the interesting locations in Palampur to visit is Neugal Khad, which is ideal for introverted tourists.

    Andretta Pottery Village: 

    The tiny Andretta Pottery Village lies deep in Palampur and is a paradise for enthusiasts and art lovers. This charming community is well known for its pottery, as talented artists create works of art right out of the ground beneath their feet. The elaborate process of making ceramic objects that capture the spirit of the place is visible to visitors. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Palampur, the Andretta Pottery Village provides a unique experience that lets visitors explore the creative world of pottery-making. Accept your creative side and bring home a ceramic item as a keepsake from this priceless cultural site. Andretta Pottery Village should not be overlooked when seeking for things to do in Palampur. It really is a destination that no visitor to the area should miss.


    To put it simply, Palampur is very similar to the classic cup of chai—it's nourishing, energizing, and well spiced. Every part of this little town has a tale to tell and sights to astonish, whether you're traveling through tea plantations, taking in the breathtaking Dhauladhar range, or visiting its ancient temples.

    Nothing should keep you from visiting this little piece of heaven. Gather your sense of adventure, your travel companion, and your camera. And keep in mind, the only rush hour obstacle you'll encounter in Palampur is a flock of sheep crossing the street.

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