Cafe In Shimla

    Cafes In Shimla

    May 16, 2024

    Do you enjoy eating when on vacation? If this is the case, then everytime you go on vacation, you probably look for a fantastic dining experience. Many people now only dream about visiting Shimla. Whether you are traveling alone or with others, Shimla seems to have everything you need for a fun-filled weekend getaway, school trip, or family get-together. Because of its central location, if a visitor from a neighboring state exclaims, "hills are calling," it is likely to mean Shimla's hills. It offers relief from the scorching heat of the plains.

    Without creating some delicious meals memories along the way, what good is a holiday? The Queen of Hills is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and amazing weather, but it's also becoming a hotspot for amazing restaurants. The nicest cafés in Shimla can possibly be seen when you stroll along the mall road while taking in the beautiful landscape amid a foggy atmosphere. As soon as you bite into the delectable meals at Shimla's top rank cafés, you'll be smitten. In fact, Shimla is the perfect place to try the finest and most intricate foods to fulfill your preferences. If the thought of sipping a hot cup of espresso while reading a book and taking in the greatest views of Shimla trip from a café window seat appeals to you, plan a wonderful trip to Shimla.

    First things come first. Beyond going to the iconic cafés we will discuss shortly, don't forget to do the "Sita Ram and Sons" on your way. The location is just at the start of Lakkar Bazaar. Even though it lacks seating and isn't quite as lavish as some, the flavor and fast service make up for it. You won't soon forget the flavor of "Sita Ram Ke Chole Bhature" after you visit. Make that you go there at least once in the future. 

    Best cafes to Visit in Shimla

    9 amazing eateries that promise to fill your heart along with your rumbling stomach!

    • Cafe Sol, Hotel Combermere
    • Cafe Shimla Times
    • Hideout Cafe 
    • Cafe Under Trees
    • Indian Coffee House
    • Wake and Bake Cafe
    • Honey Hut
    • Wood Street Cafe
    • Cafe Argyle House

    1. Cafe Sol, Hotel Combermere -

    Located on Mall Road across from the tourism lift, this innovative restaurant specializes on continental cuisine. Those who enjoy eating foreign food may come here. In terms of interior design, this one takes first prize for having a gorgeous interior, a classy atmosphere, and a lovely aroma that instantly lifts everyone's spirits. The cuisine is of a respectable quality. Greek salad and lemon cheesecake are must-haves while visiting this café. A tad pricey, but you can't stop yourself if you're intrigued. Do stop by this well-known café for a unique atmosphere!

    2. Cafe Shimla Times -

    On the mall road, it is a famous building named for the city's first newspaper, The Shimla Times. It's possibly the trendiest café, just next to Hotel Willow Banks, with bustling, relaxing surroundings that are alive with people laughing and enjoying themselves. About the atmosphere, Café Shimla Times has a charming design with wooden tables and chairs that gaze out over the stunning mountains. It also has an odd yet welcoming theme. The restaurant specializes in a fusion of North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, and Lebanese cuisines. The cuisine is delicious; don't forget to lose yourself in the apple crumble, pizza, and creamy tiramisu. Make sure to visit and bask in your feast at this Instagram-worthy eatery.

    3. Hideout Cafe -

    This adorable café is located on the lovely shopping road, next to the fire station. If you're a burger lover, you should definitely come here. The mood is appropriate for a mountain café—woodsy. Choose a window seat, place an order, eat something, and take in the magnificent view of the mall road. Grab some pasta, doughnuts, egg wraps, and chicken rolls; they're all quite filling. The staff smiles upon seeing you and is quite kind. Thus, if you're looking to fuel your hunger, stop by and enjoy their tasty meals and prompt service. Strongly advised!

    4. Cafe Under Trees -

    This is the ideal location if you're searching for something affordable without sacrificing tasty meals. Set next to the Jakhoo temple, it's the tallest café in Shimla. The café is vegetarian-friendly, has a lovely atmosphere, and is rather cute. Your eye is drawn to the inside, which is entirely composed of wood. This vegan café offers friendly service and an original dining experience. In terms of cuisine, their menu isn't all that different, but you'll still enjoy pasta, hot chocolate, and a variety of food and drink options. It's interesting to note that all of these delicious foods are reasonably priced. We assure you that the climb up will be worth the effort.

    5. Indian Coffee House -

    Remember the Indian coffee shop that made headlines when PM Modi stopped by for a short bite of food and a cup of coffee while visiting Himachal Pradesh? This is a very ancient establishment in Shimla that serves inexpensive south Indian cuisine and filter coffee. The ancient leather seats and blackboard give this venue a retro feel. It's the spot where you would expect residents to get together over a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee to discuss the day's events. To truly enjoy a traditional cup of coffee, you need to get in touch with us. Absolutely really sweet!

    6. Wake and Bake Cafe -

    Wake and Bake is a two-story restaurant featuring a vibrant blue and yellow exterior and a view of the busy mall road. It serves a broad range of Indian and continental cuisine. There's a tiny stairway at the entryway that leads to this charming ethnic café. You may visit this location for substantial breakfasts because it is conveniently accessible. The staff is really kind and will add their own unique ideas to better your experience. In addition to being really cute, the seating has an amazing tiny overhang that sits on the rooftop. Food is generally excellent but might be a little pricey. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling a little worn out after strolling on the Mall Road. 

    7. Honey Hut -

    This cozy small café is located in the middle of the mall road's bustle. They offer the greatest coffee with honey in this tiny place that smells like freshly made muffins and coffee beans. The bakery products are quite good here. Taste the pineapple upside-down and apple pie; they are quite delicious. The service is good. You're going to be in for a treat with everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to incredible smoothies. Also, the location provides a lot of standard products with a honey foundation, such as cleansers and lip ointments. What could be stopping you right now?

    8. Wood Street Cafe -

    This restaurant in Shimla is a newest addition to the area, but word is spreading about it quickly. It has some pretty lovely décor and is located in Lakkar Bazar. They provide you with delicious cuisine and outstanding service. It is among Shimla's top cafés for foodies. The way each table is decorated with skill and complementing wall art makes the café's décor appealing to children. It would not be logical to avoid coming here, then. Bring your beloved ones here if you're searching for a romantic spot; they will be charmed by this site. To satisfy your hunger, try some fries, hamburgers, and tandoori momos. They really are extraordinary. All in all, the café is excellent; be sure to visit it on your next visit.

    9. Cafe Argyle House -

    Many of you may ride the elevator to the mall road; when climbing the elevator, you will immediately see this café. It is housed in a 150-year-old, historic British structure. However, if you're just in the mood for a quick bite, stop by and enjoy their amazing menu offerings. Everything at this place is really tasty, including the coffee, soup, and pancakes. Weekends are usually the busiest, so if you have to wait a little while to be served, don't worry—it will be worth it. Take a chance; this may be your culinary paradise!


    The best cafés in Shimla listed above will guarantee that you have a wonderful food experience while you're having a great time in the city. Shimla welcomes visitors at all times of the year and has evolved to suit all kinds of tastes, making you feel completely comfortable. Its windy atmosphere, filling shadows, and charming images of the Shimla countryside are sure to charm you. Apart from being a fantastic place to meet other adventurers and share experiences over a delectable breakfast of sandwiches and pancakes, these few cafés in Shimla are well worth a visit since, as they say, "you are what you eat." 

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