Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

    Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

    May 17, 2024

    The glittering lakes of Himachal Pradesh have a certain quality, whether it's the height, the pure water, or the irresistible appeal of the surroundings. The busy Indian state is home to hundreds of picture-perfect lakes just waiting to be discovered.

    Every lake has its own array of entertaining activities, ranging from swimming and fishing to boating and sightseeing tours. A variety of cultural attractions are frequently found in lakeside resorts, villages, and cities, such as historic public gardens, medieval churches, and well-preserved museums. No trip to Himachal Pradesh would be complete without seeing some of the most remarkable lakes in the region, no matter where your travels lead you.

    Whether you're seeking adventure amidst towering mountains or moments of tranquility by tranquil waters, a trip to Himachal Pradesh promises memories that will last a lifetime.

    We picked out 11 of the most admired lakes in Himachal Pradesh that visitors need to make an effort to view. Even if some are safe for swimming, be cautious to check the water's conditions and the weather in advance and pay attention to any warning signs. Look around and choose your next trip location depending on the lake it contains:

    11 Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

    • Chandra Taal
    • Prashar Lake
    • Khajjiar Lake
    • Renuka Lake
    • Nako Lake
    • Chamera Lake
    • Bhrigu Lake
    • Dal Lake
    • Dashir Lake
    • Dhankar Lake
    • Seruvalsar Lake

    1. Chandra Taal:

    The height of Chandra Taal is almost 4,300 meters above sea level. It's among India's two highest altitude wetlands. From late May to early October, you can trek from Batal and Kunzum Pass to the crescent-shaped lake. Campsites are often found on the large meadows along the lake. These meadows are covered in hundreds of different kinds of wildflowers in the spring. It is among Himachal Pradesh's most beautiful natural lakes.

    This lake is the focus of various mythology, including the ones about a mermaid and fairies that visit it every night.

    2. Prashar Lake:

    The elevation of Prashar Lake is 2730 meters above sea level. Situated 49 kilometers north of Mandi, it is next to a thirteenth-century, three-story pagoda honoring the sage Prashar. It is thought that he sat on the shores of this lake to think about things. With views of the river Beas and snow-capped Kinnauri mountain peaks all around, the lake is a great spot for a break and get in touch with nature.

    There appears to be a floating island within the lake, although its depth is unknown. It floats off to one side of the lake in the summer and slowly drifts back to the other by the winter.

    3. Khajjar Lake:

    Its surrounding evergreen cedar trees cast lovely reflections on the crystal-clear blue lake. Khajji Nag, the regional temple's god, is the source of its name. This location's highlight is the floating island, which is basically just some grass growing on the lake's surface. It's quite breathtaking! This lake is the destination of many hikers seeking an adrenaline dose.

    There are several enjoyable leisure pursuits, such as zorbing, horseback riding, and paragliding. You can simply relax on the grass and take in the jaw-dropping views of Mount Kailash if you're not the daring kind.

    4. Renuka Lake:

    Located in Himachal Pradesh, Renuka Lake is 672 meters above sea level. With a diameter of over 3214 meters, it is the biggest naturally occurring lake in Himachal Pradesh. Renuka, the goddess, inspired the name. To explore and take in the beautiful surroundings, you have the option of taking a canal boat or a self-driven boat.

    The third week of November marks the annual six-day Shri Renukaji Fair, which is held along the lake's edge. Part of the Renukaji Wildlife Sanctuary, Renukaji Zoo is located on the left bank of the lake amid beautiful forests.

    5. Nako Lake:

    At 3,662 meters above sea level, sits Nako Lake. The lake is beautifully reflected by the neighboring poplar and willow trees. Its surrounding Buddhist temples are frequently visited by both residents and visitors. To fully visit the lake, nearby historic ruins, and the well-known Nako monastery, at least one full day is needed. The apple orchards, rugged cliffs, and snow-capped hills all contribute to the lake's attractiveness.

    6. Chamera Lake:

    A popular tourist destination, Chamera Lake is an artificial lake located in Himachal Pradesh. It is a relaxing sight to see the lake surrounded by beautiful flora. Part of the Chamera Hydroelectric project, which is being constructed above the Ravi River, is the 763-meter-high Chamera Lake. Activities on the lake: boating, fishing, and other water activities are popular. One of the easiest leisure activities you may engage in is spending a day here.

    7. Bhrigu Lake:

    Nestled around 4,300 meters above sea level, Bhrigu Lake is a glacier lake of great altitude. March through October is when you can hike to the lake. For a period of six months, it stays frozen. The luxury of going to the lake is easily accessible to those who are physically healthy, even if they have never hiked before. Here, you are free to participate in one of the most daring activities possible.

    8. Dal Lake:

    The beauty of Himachal Pradesh's Dal Lake is something that should not be missed. It is worthwhile to see this lake, which is among the most popular in Himachal Pradesh. September saw the organization of a fair along the lake's edge. The Gaddi tribe finds great pleasure in celebrating this occasion, which is held to commemorate the arrival of Lord Shiva. Lakes are well-known for providing opportunities for a variety of activities, including boating, having picnics along the riverbank, or just unwinding. It is among McLeodganj's top tourist destinations.

    9. Dashir Lake:

    Dashir Lake is a very gorgeous lake that lies close to Rohtang Pass. The Pir Panjal Range's mountains and glaciers around the lake. Many local tales highlight the lake's supposed healing qualities, which is a widely held belief. You can look straight through the lake because of its perfectly pure water. The lake is simple to travel to, and those who wish to escape busy cities often camp here and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.

    10. Dhankar Lake:

    One of the lakes in Himachal Pradesh that visitors must see is Dhankar Lake. Situated in Spiti Valley's Dhankar Village, the lake is a popular tourist destination. The only way to get to this lake, which is situated above the Gompa and Dhankar Village, is by foot. While some people could find this tough, the scenery is well worth the effort. Although it is not permitted to camp close to the lake, you are welcome to stay for a few hours and enjoy the scenery.

    11. Seruvalsar Lake:

    Nestled at an elevation of 3100 meters above sea level, Seruvalsar Lake in Himachal Pradesh is regarded as one of the most picturesque high-altitude lakes. This lake is located 76 kilometers from Kullu; however, to get there, one must first cross the Jalori Pass. On the lake's edge lies a modest shrine dedicated to Burhi Nagini Devi. You will see women worshiping Burhi Nagini Devi, the Snake Goddess, and sprinkling ghee on the lakeshores in order to please her. You can get away from city life in this serene and lovely location.


    Nestled amongst the gorgeous mountains, Himachal Pradesh's lakes are similar to precious gems. They are important for maintaining the area's biological balance in addition to contributing to its natural appeal. Each lake has its own special beauty, from the placid waters of Dal Lake to the stunning views of Chandratal.

    Visits to these lakes give an insight into Himachal Pradesh's rich biodiversity and cultural legacy, as well as a refreshing getaway from the bustle of the metropolis. These lakes provide something for everyone, regardless of your interests—nature lovers, thrill seekers, or those looking for peace and quiet.

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