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    Place to Stay in Haridwar

    Place To Stay in Haridwar

    Jun 20, 2024

    Haridwar is among the seven sacred cities in Hindu religion situated in Uttarakhand, India at the edge of the foothills of the Himalaya Mountain. Haridwar, which is famous for its religious vocation, beautiful Ghats and spiritual holiness of the Ganga, has a great tourist potential. No matter what your requirements are: whether you would like to stay in a 5-star hotel, or a budget hotel, or just a place to lay your head for a night in Haridwar, you will get all kinds of accommodation facilities. Now, it is high time to discover the best, good and cheap accommodations in this gracious city.

    Are you also worried about your stay in Haridwar on your next vacation? Well, look no more, looking at the accommodations, we present some of the Best Places to Stay in Haridwar, which helps to make this Uttarakhand travel package a top notch vacation to go on:

    Best 5 Places to Stay in Haridwar

    1. Haveli Hari Ganga

    Situated on the banks of Ganga, Haveli Hari Ganga has an architectural touch of ancient India with the facilities of the contemporary world. It is an excellent example of a heritage hotel, situated in the busy city but definitely Jama’s sanctuary. Get the breathtaking view of the river from your room, pamper yourself with ayurvedic SPA, be the witness of Ganga Aarti, strolling directly from the hotel. The hotel will offer an interesting cultural diversity as well as a luxurious plus it will suit the kind of visitors who seek an atmosphere of spirituality as bestowed by Haridwar.

    2. Aalia on the Ganges

    Located beside the river Ganges, Aalia on the Ganges is a splendid resort that constructs an interface between nature and the contemporary world. There are lots of villas with big spaces, a beautiful garden, and an impressive infinity pool. Experience adventurous activities such as white water rafting or go for wildlife encounters or you can also go for yoga beside the river. It is ideal for tourists who want to experience comfort and the rush of discovery in the middle of a calm environment.

    3. The URMI

    It is a contemporary hotel with a high standard and relaxing atmosphere, known as The URMI. Just for you they provide clean and spacious accommodation, multi cuisine restaurant and the advantage is it is sited within proximity of the touch points. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants middle-level facilities in a contemporary facility at an affordable rate.

    4. Hotel Ganga Lahari

    This hotel is located close to Har Ki Pauri, and to the primary ghat where the highly popular Ganga Aarti is performed. There are beautiful views of the river, clean accomodation and the added bonus of proximity to the religious center of the town.

    Perfect for individuals who desire to be located in the middle of the city’s spiritual events but do not have to sacrifice coziness.

    5. Devnadi Hotel

    This is an upscale hotel located in a historical building. It is a small and friendly hotel that guarantees a quiet night. The hotel has got old features in their building, riverside cafe/restaurant, and the hotel is situated close to the river. With the rich history, quietness, and exclusivity this is more than suitable for travelers who prefer a noncommercial experience.

    Cheap Places to stay in Haridwar

    1. Zostel Haridwar

    Cozy and full of life well-equipped hostel for low-budget travelers, backpackers, and those traveling individually. Zostel provides the dormitory kind of lodging and rooms for the individual traveler. Hang out in the lounge and dining area, go out for the local sightseeing and meet young people from all over the world in the hostel. It is best for the youth who go on travels and want a cheap place to sleep and also meet new people

    2. Maa Ganga Guest House

    It is a no frills, cheap and comfortable guest house with local729 area code, situated near the business district. It has rather simple facilities of the deluxe class, hospitable staff and a well-organic location to accommodate debt Tourists. Especially for those who want a simple and clean accommodation with the basic necessity at an affordable price.

    3. Hotel Kapoor

    An economy class hotel that provides simple and rather cheap but clean accommodation. Though the facility is dusty and Spartan, it is just a stone throw from the railway station and the main market, thus making it a magnet for budget conscious travelers. It has the basic things that will make one’s stay comfortable and will not cost too much to afford.

    4. Ganga Sadan

    Neat rooms and a welcoming staff characterize this low-cost hotel that provides all the services a guest might need. That is why Ganga Aarti facilities are easily available for guests at the hotel as it has its own Ghat. Appropriate to those travelers who like to travel on a low budget but want to feel the spiritual mood of Haridwar.

    Tips to Consider for choosing the Right Place to Stay

    1. Consider Proximity to Attractions: 

    If attending the Ganga Aarti is on the list of priorities when it comes to choosing accommodation it is better to stay close to Har Ki Pauri.

    2. Budget: 

    Plan how much money you are going to spend on your purchase prior to your shopping. There is a heap of opportunities in Haridwar for staying from the extravagant resorts to the cheap hostels.

    3. Amenities: 

    Choose what you would like to have nearby the room, for instance, meals, great view or spa services.

    4. Reviews: 

    Unfortunately, because the food place has no official website that can be visited for more information, travelers should look for reviews of the food place online to know what others have experienced.


    The Haridwar hotels and lodgings for the tourists and travelers range from those who prefer luxurious lifestyles to those who go looking for a cheap deal. For Spiritual and cultural tourism stay options range from a heritage hotel right by the Ganga, to a contemporary resort or even a cheap and cheerful guesthouse – your time in Haridwar is sure to prove unforgettable. Haridwar is a divine city that is home to some of the best accommodations, recommended by Capture a Trip.

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