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     Best Time To Visit Haridwar

    Best Time To Visit Haridwar

    Jul 02, 2024

    Haridwar is one of those eternal pilgrim places located right at the pilgrim of the Himalayas and has always attracted people of all ages. Thus, it will be quite valuable to comprehend the right time to reach Haridwar as it would help to maximize the experience whether you’re a pilgrim, cultural tourist or nature lover.

    Just imagine going to a much awaited vacation and finding yourself to be stuck there with a huge crowd or none of the things working out as you imagined and expected it to be? You’ll be hopeless right? So in order to make your vacation memorable with less hassle we are here with a list of Best Time to Visit Haridwar, so that you don’t have to!

    So, let’s dive into it by categorizing the best time to visit Haridwar.

    Explore the Best Time to Visit Haridwar: A Complete Guide:

    1. Spring (March to May): 

    Haridwar is synonymously associated with colors and celebration and the onset of Spring makes it all the more vibrant. The temperature during March to May is fairly moderate with the temperatures falling between 15 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. 

    This season is also perfect for visiting a lot of temples, ashrams and Ghats alongside the river Ganges. Kumbh Mela, one of the largest sacred gatherings, is celebrated every 12 years in the spring season in Haridwar. This is a culturally significant event when millions of pilgrims arrive to the city to purify themselves in the sacred water of the Ganges river; thus, it can be said that it is a favorable time to arrive.

    2. Summer (June to August): 

    Talking about the climate, summer is warmer on average between the range of 25C to 40C in the next Haridwar. The evening is comparatively cooler than the day, however, recommending visiting the famous Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri. In terms of the tourism industry, summer can be termed as the off-season for traveling to Haridwar and hence, the tourist can enjoy the spirituality and the culture of the country at its best.It is also a chance to get to know the people and develop a better understanding of traditions that make Haridwar the spiritual city that it is.

    3. Monsoon (September to November): 

    Summer is the best time to visit Haridwar as the weather is pleasant and the monsoon begins from September to November and it gives a rich green look to Haridwar. This part of the country is also characterized by moderate to intense rainfall hence refreshing surrounding environments and even floods the Ganges. The climate is between 20-30° C to give the place a cool climate that is exquisite for tourism, especially for those who love nature, and photography. 

    The monsoon also brings a certain sense of serenity in the religious places of Haridwar as the Onlooker streets and the smell of wet earth during and after the rain is an added bonus to the spiritual ambiance. However, to be on the safe side travelers should check on the weather since there are instances where there is heavy downpour.

    4. Winter (December to February): 

    Haridwar faces winter from December to February, this is filled with mist and cool breeze making the weather magical. It is characterized by temperatures that may be as low as five degrees centigrade and a high of twenty degrees centigrade during the day and at night respectively, the station gives out an atmosphere that is refreshing and chilly. 

    Hence, the tourism in Haridwar has its high flush in winters specifically to observe the Ganga Aarti in the foggy hours of the evening. It takes the right weather to promote temple tourism and since it is that time of the year when the weather is cold, groups can visit historical temples like the Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi Temple both situated on hills; these offer vantage view of Dehradun city and the Ganges in the distance.

    Above mentioned are all the seasons India, experiences and you can decide for yourself which season suits you the most to have your perfect vacation keeping in mind which season has what to offer!

    For the Desired Experience:

    1. Spiritual Journey: 

    However, the true believer and the pilgrim should avoid the hot weather of Northern India, which falls in the months of April and May, the ideal months are December through February which marks winter in this part of the world. 

    The favorable climate during the winter makes the people involved in religious practices, attend the aartis and seek the presence of god through the several temples and ashrams built along the Ganges. Religious activities are highly boosted during festivals such as Makar Sankranti and Mahashivratri especially due to cultural tracts of behavioral demonstrations and spiritual activities notably at Haridwar.

    2. Cultural Exploration: 

    The period from March to May is ideal for lovers of cultural activities since spring is apparent during these months. The town presents festivals as Ram Navami and Buddha Purnima to observe an authentic music and dance show, Sadhus, and handicraft food fairs. The most popular festival of the summer is the Kumbh Mela festival of Haridwar that attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists seeking joyous spiritual occasions.

    3. Nature and Adventure: 

    Nature lovers and adventure lovers can prefer the monsoon season which is from September to November. From the sightseeing point of view the lush green environment of Haridwar, fresh and flowing waterfalls and rivers provide a good platform for hiking, trekking and wildlife photo matrim. 

    Adjacent to Rajaji National Park, tourists can enjoy wildlife tourism where they would be able to see elephants, tigers and several species of birds in their natural environment. However, the travelers should expect occasional showers and look at the local weather forecast before going out for some activities.

    4. Serene Escapes: 

    However, Summer is comparatively more peaceful and appropriate for spirituality thus making it the best time to visit Haridwar. Residents no longer have to share their cities’ age-old spirituality in the form of temples or sit by the sacred river, the Ganges, or simply stroll through local bazaars leisurely, because tourists have clouded those sacred experiences. 

    The best time for sightseeing is early mornings and evenings when one can attend the beautiful Aarti at Har Ki Pauri, where you will come across lamps lighting up the scene and get mesmerizing beats of chanting dominating the air, time could well stand still.

    Useful Information You Will Need for Your visit to Haridwar

    1. Accommodation: 

    It is recommended to make reservations way in advance and particularly in spring and winter when the tourist occupancy is high and the chances of getting a hotel at a better rate is high as well.

    2. Clothing: 

    For summers, pack lightweight cotton fabrics and for the winters, you should pack warm clothing. To prevent getting wet every now and then in the rainy season, it is wise to carry an umbrella or a raincoat.

    3. Footwear: 

    Flat shoes or sandals are suitable to wear when visiting Temples, Ghat areas and local markets where you have to do a bit of walking on patches/roads of grills & stones.

    4. Respect Local Customs: 

    It is a religious city thus, when in the place the visitors should avoid tight and revealing clothes, and avoid eating meat products and drinking alcohol in the vicinity of temples. Fear and respect for local customs and traditions enrich the spirituality and help to understand cultural peculiarities.


    Having been preserved from the times immemorial, Haridwar is one of the most fascinating spiritual tours that provide the guests with a taste of India’s cultural and natural resources. Every season in this historic city depicts a different drama in its social and natural life, with mirthful festivals and solemn religious ceremonies to peaceful lakes and forests. Knowing the most appropriate time to travel to will help one appreciate the center and the significance of Haridwar whether it is for religious, cultural or natural sightseeing purposes. Stop scrolling, and join us at Capture a Trip to visit Haridwar any time of the year to explore its spiritual influence, lost in culture and to bask in the gorgeous upcoming nature around. 

    When planning a trip to Uttarakhand this hillock dedicated to god Krishna, it is wise to avoid the extremes of hot summer and months with festivals and fairs going on in the region.

    Discover Haridwar at any time of the year and watch the beauty and spirituality of the city mature into a tale of different space and time that invites people right from their cradle to childhood to eternity.

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