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    Places To Visit In Kausani

    Places To Visit In Kausani

    Jun 28, 2024

    Kausani is a beautiful hill station situated in Uttarakhand, India; it lies nestled in the lap of Himalayas and makes for a perfect destination if one is looking for peace and picturesque beauty. One who wants nature's hug or wishes to explore historical sites or just wait for a peaceful vacation, Kausani has something for all of them. 

    In this elaborate guide, we’ve covered detailed information on the best tourist attractions within the region of Kausani with the intention of making the visitor’s experience in the-region and the overall visit to the Himalayas a fruitful one.

    Top Places To Visit In Kausani : That Make It A Winter Paradise

    1. Anasakti Ashram (Gandhi Ashram): 

    Gandhi Ashram otherwise called as Anasakti Ashram is of importance because Mahatma Gandhi stayed here in the year 1929. This Ashram lies in a calm and serene environment and is now a place of pilgrimage dedicated to Gandhiji with a museum illustrating his life and messages. 

    Due to the calmness in the surrounding environment of the ashram, the spectacular beauty of the Himalayan mountain range viewed from the ashram is uncanny making it an attractive touristic site to history inclined tourists as well as the spiritual ones.

    2. Baijnath Temple: 

    About 17 Km from Kuasani, is the temple of Baijnath, the temple of Lord Shiva dates back to the 12 century. Situated since the 12th century – the structure is representational of a temple with complex designing and spiritual feel. Located in the Garur Valley, the religious atmosphere and the quiet environment offer people from all over the country to come and pray or even take the time to be at one with themselves.

    3. Rudradhari Falls and Caves: 

    This is an amble through green woods from Kausani down to the enchanting Rudradhari Falls and Caves. It is a waterfall surrounded by trees and plants and one can also take a dip in the pool of the water formed by the water fall. Hence, the nearby caves of Lord Shiva and Vishnu further enhance the enchantment of the trekking, which is a favored one among the enthusiasts of trekking and the nature.

    4. Kausani Tea Estate: 

    Especially, the tea gardens in Kausani are very famous; many of them, having their expanse of green carpeted land with tea plants spread across the area with the backdrop of Himalayas. 

    At the Kausani Tea Estate, tourists can go through live demonstrations of tea plantations, understand the process of tea making, as well as enjoy the exotic and aromatic tea testing sessions. The addition of tea gardens at such a place where there are such majestic peaks, photographs and tea lovers will find the place to be an added attraction.

    5. Sumitranandan Pant Gallery: 

    Located on the first floor, the Sumitranandan Pant Gallery has been named after the eminent Hindi Poet of the same name and it displays the literary piece of work, the personal artifacts and the memorabilia of the poet. 

    This gallery situated in Kausani exhibits information on Pant’s life and works besides giving a peep into the development of Hindi literature. Located in the midst of peaceful hills, the gallery is truly a cultural retreat for readers and lovers of literature and art.

    6. Stargazing at Kausani: 

    Another thing that one is likely to find in Kausani throughout the night is stargazing as the skies are clear at night. The fact that they are arranged away from the city lights ensures that the environment is clean and one gets to see some of the beautiful sights in the universe. 

    Regardless if you are a beginner in astronomy or have vast experience, Kausani gives a soul-stirring experience of watching stars, constellations or planets in the sky against the backdrop of Himalayan ranges at night.

    Studying the Nature of Kausani

    Kausani is not just a place but it is a paradise where one can feel the real beauty of nature and the rich culture of India. In addition to the main places of interest, visiting Kausani calls for a closer look at the area for the traveler to get acquainted with the presented stories, surrounding noises, and tastes.

    Local Cuisine and Delicacies

    One cannot talk about Kausani without mentioning the mouthwatering food that is prepared and served there. Uttarakhand has a number of hill stations and each of them has a rich taste of Kumaoni Cuisine with touches of other states around it. 

    You should also give a taste to the local sweet dish, the Bal Mithai, a sweet made up of khoya with sugar balls coated on it or the Bhatt ki Churkani, a black bean preparation cooked in spices or herbs. Cafes and restaurants in Kausani include homely food joints that offer traditional home cooked food to the modern eating joints that serve meat and drinks with a view of the great Himalayas.

    Activities and Adventures

    Apart from rejuvenation and tourism, one will find a lot to do in Kausani. Trekking lovers can go for treks to places such as Pinnath to witness the splendor of Nanda Devi and Trishul. 

    Riding round rural roads which are curvy with forest and trees as an underlying or, going out on nature trails and visiting the neighboring villages give one the feel of being in nature and interacting with the culture of the locals. Bird watchers can have their fun and watch various colorful birds of the Himalayan region in and around the Kausani.


    For those in search of divine inspiration or a cultural experience or just looking forward to being on a wholly relaxing vacation in the lap of nature, this place is not a disappointment in any way. The most recommended destinations in Kausani are the best of nature, history and culture wealth that attract tourists across the globe. 

    This is your final message: Arrange your trip to Uttarakhand at the earliest and be ready for an enchanting trip that has no dearth of wonderful moments to take home all the sweet memories of this beautiful place of the Himalayas. Introducing to the beauty of Kausani – where lay the beauty of calmness, the thrill that comes with nature discovery and the beauty of the world nature isa masterpiece.

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