Things to do in Chakrata

    Things to do in Chakrata

    May 22, 2024

    You're invited to Chakrata, Uttarakhand's undiscovered jewel, where the sights are outstanding, the air is more pure, and wireless internet is as hard to find as a Himalayan snow leopard. This charming small hamlet is an excellent vacation for anybody wishing to swap their city's chaos for some mountain magic, nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas. Chakrata has much to suit everyone's interests, whether you're an adrenaline addict eager to scale astounding heights or a peace-seeker hoping to relax under gushing waterfalls.

    Imagine waking to the beauty of snow-capped peaks, the sweet scent of pine trees, and the sound of birds chirping—a setting so peaceful your alarm clock would be jealous. Enjoy your days swimming in crystal-clear streams, trekking through beautiful wooded areas, and touring quaint villages that appear straight out of a story book. And, honestly, Chakrata's winding pathways are ready to fulfill your desire to feel like an adventurer without the need for a GPS.

    The only thing you'll be missing in Chakrata is the bustle and activity of the big city, so dust off your hiking boots, charge your camera (selfies with goats are a must), and get ready to explore the best things to do in Chakrata!

    11 Popular Things To Do In Chakrata

    • Hike up to the Tiger Falls
    • Fun exploration around Budher caverns
    • Kanasar- your go-to campsite
    • Go bird watching at Deoban
    • Catch sunsets with your loved ones at Chilmiri Neck
    • Rock climbing in the Deoban
    • Try horse riding to Forest Check Post
    • Soak in the history and the architectural marvel at Lakhamandal Temple
    • Try skiing at Mundali
    • Take part in the festivals and culture
    • Have a picnic by Ram Tal Garden

    1. Hike up to the Tiger Falls:

    Tiger Falls, a well-liked destination in Chakrata, is a pleasant place for a picnic. A short 5-kilometer trek leads to the falls along a trail that is a little challenging. When you arrive, you'll be greeted with thick deodar trees and a gorgeous waterfall that flows down the hill and forms a tiny pond at the bottom. Have a little picnic by the pond and take in the tranquility of the surroundings and the falls. This is the place to go if you're searching for activities in Chakrata. 

    2. Fun exploration around Budher caverns:

    Budher caverns, which are popular for its stalactite and stalagmite formations, are perfect for an exciting exploring trip. They are said to have been constructed by the Pandavas around 30 kilometers from Chakrata. If you're seeking more adventure in Chakrata, visiting the Budher caverns is one of the most unique activities to do there. It's also a lot of fun. Those who have completed the trek, nevertheless, confirm its intensity. This is a first-hand story of an expedition into Budher Caves.

    3. Kanasar- your go-to campsite:

    You will see that Chakrata is a backpacker's paradise after traveling from Dehradun! One of the most thrilling activities is to camp in this charming hill station. If you don't have your own tent or other camping gear, many Chakrata campgrounds provide luxurious tents equipped with all the necessities. These camping packages are a great value because they take care of your lodging and meal expenses. They also organize a few adventurous activities in Chakrata, such river rafting, rock climbing, and waterfall rappelling. Apart from camping, adventurous activities like bonfires and nature hikes are available to visitors at Chakrata. Additionally, stargazing is a constant favorite among hill station campers.

    4. Go bird watching at Deoban:

    Deoban, one of the highest viewpoint sites, is about 13 kilometers from Chakrata and is situated at an elevation of 2200 m. It is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Chakrata, surrounded by rich deodar woods and providing breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks and towering ranges. Watching the various kinds of birds there is among the most thrilling activities. Visit Deoban to see stunning, rare birds like the Cinereous Vulture, Common Hawk Cuckoo, Yellow-Crowned Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, and Russet Sparrow, among others.

    5. Catch sunsets with your loved ones at Chilmiri Neck:

    Chilmiri Neck, the town's highest point, is only 20 to 30 minutes from Chakrata's main town and, as such, provides a stunning view of the mountain ranges and peaks, making it one of the area's most well-liked attractions. From here, views of the Bandarpunch Massif, Rohini Peak, and Swarga Peak are available. It is a well-liked tourist destination in Chakrata and is located inside the cantonment grounds. The surrounding dense forest guarantees birdwatchers a pleasant experience. Its picturesque views, vibrant butterflies, and lovely birds make it one of Chilmiri Neck's must-see locations. The most popular activity to do in Chakrata for couples is to enjoy the breathtaking sunset at Chilmiri Neck.

    6. Rock climbing in the Deoban:

    Rock climbing in the Deoban forest region is a fascinating activity to participate in in Chakrata, among other activities. Often included in weekend trip packages from several private getaway planners, it is mostly chosen by friends, workplace groups, and lone travelers. In addition to adventure sports, the park is well-known for birding because of the variety of kinds of birds that either live there or migrate there.

    7. Try horse riding to Forest Check Post:

    You can enjoy an exhilarating horse ride that takes you from the main town of Chakrata to the Forest Check Post over a quick track. Make a call with the service staff at your hotel about making arrangements for you to go horseback riding. Certainly one of the most exciting recollections of your Chakrata trip will be riding a horse through the towering pine woods and across the looping lanes of this charming town.

    8. Soak in the history and the architectural marvel at Lakhamandal Temple:

    Situated around 100 miles from Chakrata, the Lakhamandal Temple is an ancient Hindu temple that holds great historical and mythical significance in India. The main god of the temple, Lord Shiva, is honored by visitors from all over the world. This is a significant cultural site since the Archaeological Survey of India discovered a variety of creative works here during the excavation procedure. This temple is well-liked by the Shakti Temple and is thought to bring an end to all bad luck. The Hindu epic Mahabharata states that Duryodhana tried to kill the Pandavas here during their stay at the house of wax, which makes visiting this temple one of the top things to do in Chakrata.

    9. Try skiing at Mundali:

    Situated about 36 km from Chakrata, Mundali is a popular winter skiing location in Chakrata that provides stunning perspectives of the beautiful Himalayas. After Auli, it is one of the most popular skiing locations in India for snowboarders and skiers, and it even has an amateur training facility. But it provides more than just skiing. Summertime visits are another option for those who want to take in the beautiful landscapes and dense vegetation. It's a fantastic location for outdoor hikes and treks, especially for couples and adventure seekers. This is an excellent location for a two-day walk in Chakrata.

    10. Take part in the festivals and culture:

    Beautiful fairs and festivals like as the Maroj in January, Aathon in March, Bisu ki Sankranti in April, Khainda Sankrant in May, Paancho in July, Jatra in August, Nurai in September, and Diai in November take place practically every month in Chakrata. If you visit this town during these festivities, which are a reflection of the vibrant culture and colors of Chakrata, they will undoubtedly rank among the most unforgettable experiences of your life. They surely rank among the top activities in Uttarakhand's Chakrata.

    11. Have a picnic by Ram Tal Garden:

    12 kilometers from the main town of Chakrata lies a little garden called Ram Tal Garden, which is by a pond. It's a lovely location for a romantic stroll with your significant other, a picnic, an early morning stroll, or just a green area to relax and recharge in the middle of nature. The pond is a great attraction in and of itself, home to a variety of flora and trees, such as rhododendron, apple, and plum. It is also a birdwatcher's paradise, with a variety of species to be seen there, such as the Black Headed Jay, Grey Treepie, and Oriental Turtle Dove.


    Chakrata is the ultimate mountain holiday, a place where peace and adventure live harmoniously. Whether you successfully walked Tiger Falls' paths, taken in Deoban's expansive landscapes, or just spent a leisurely day with the welcoming locals, this hill station is sure to leave you with memories as sharp as the mountain air.

    Though leaving Chakrata could prove difficult, keep in mind that the mountains will always seem to draw you back. You may entertain your buddies with stories about your amazing climbs and goat selfies in the meanwhile. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and picture the pine-scented wind of Chakrata whenever you're feeling homesick—minus the random Wi-Fi, of course. So let's head to Chakrata, where Uttarakhand trip is an experience and each memory is a cherished souvenir.




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