Things To Do in Lansdowne

    Things To Do in Lansdowne

    May 31, 2024

    Come to Lansdowne, a picturesque little hill station that is easy, filling, and incredibly delicious—just like your usual comfort food! This charming location, tucked away in Uttarakhand's Garhwal Hills, is great for anyone who would rather escape the busy life of the city for the sound of birdsong and whispering trees. Lansdowne awaits if you've been dreaming of a place where the most important choice you have to make is whether to go for a soul-soothing walk or sip chai.

    You may be thinking, "What's there to do in such a quiet place?" at this point. So grab a seat, for Lansdowne will keep you hooked and amused with its many surprises. There's enough to keep your time busy, from quiet lakes that look like they belong in a storybook to stunning perspectives that demand you to grab your camera (or smartphone, let's be true). Adventurers can head to the trails for some heart-pumping adventures, while history enthusiasts can dig into the town's colonial past. Not to mention the pure delight of doing nothing but soaking the peace and quiet.

    Throw on your explorer hat and comfortable shoes, because we're going to find out the best things to do in Lansdowne, where every moment is an opportunity to create memories fit for a postcard!

    11 Amazing Things To Do in Lansdowne

    1. Go fun boating at Bhulla Lake
    2. Hike all the way to Tip & Top to the viewpoint
    3. Camp your stress away
    4. Walk in the laps of mother nature and seek solace
    5. Unleash the hiker in you in the Lansdowne
    6. Make a stop at religious sites and seek blessing
    7. Go birdwatching in Lansdowne’s rich woods
    8. Pay respect to Darwan Singh at his museum
    9. Shop your pockets out
    10. Have a little jungle safari
    11. Satiate your hunger with Uttarakhand food

    Go fun boating at Bhulla Lake: 

    Bhulla Taal, a little yet beautiful artificial lake that is maintained by the Indian Army, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lansdowne. It is devoted to the young soldiers of the Indian Army's Garhwal Rifles who lost their lives while serving their country. Enjoy a boat trip to this charming lake, and don't forget to bring your camera. You could see fast rabbits jumping around the banks and slow ducks swimming in the lake. There is an amusement park as well, which is a lot of fun. Incredibly, those who have visited this lake regularly have interesting tales to tell.

    Hike all the way to Tip & Top to the viewpoint: 

    Tip & Top, also called Tiffin Top, is a well-kept and scenic location near St. Mary's Church atop a ridge and a popular attraction for travelers in Lansdowne. Call it a picnic area for families with young children, a romantic retreat for couples, or a nature lover's paradise—Tip n Top viewpoint offers everything you could need in a great hangout. One of the most fascinating things to do in Lansdowne is hiking. You can hike to the Tip n Top wide-angle Point, where you'll be treated to a sweeping landscape of the snow-covered Himalayas and the Shivalik Hills around you that will have you clicking nonstop.

    Camp your stress away: 

    Of all the activities in Lansdowne, camping is the most enjoyable. Ditch the hotel rooms and skip the traditional vacation route by spending an overnight camping trip and engaging in adventurous activities in Lansdowne. With its spacious lush fields, Lansdowne is a wonderful place to pitch a tent for a night or two, gather around a bonfire, and enjoy an outdoor meal. So, why do you wait? Gather what you need and go on the adventure of camping in Lansdowne.

    Walk in the laps of mother nature and seek solace: 

    Have a stroll along the empty tracks of Lansdowne and take in the clean air, hummingbirds, movements of animals, buzzing insects on the forest floor, and everything of nature in its purest state. While it might not appear as interesting to just stroll aimlessly, many visitors find that this is one of the most restful and refreshing activities in Lansdowne. Take pictures of your nature stroll, do a leaf art project, draw whatever comes to mind, or simply find a quiet spot to relax and read your favorite book. For some, Lansdowne is paradise.

    Unleash the hiker in you in the Lansdowne: 

    Let the hiker come out of your hiking shell; Lansdowne is the ideal location for trekking and hiking. Due to its geographic location, this little village is the starting point for several climbs into the hillside. Small hiking paths that last a few hours to more difficult climbs that can take up to two or three days are among the outings. The popular treks in this area lead to Hawaghar and Snow Viewpoint. The joy of taking in the amazing scenery from Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar is what makes hiking trips one of the greatest things to do in Lansdowne in December. Make sure you get a picture of the picturesque mountains covered in snow, under the brilliant skies, and feel the wind whipping through your hair.

    Make a stop at religious sites and seek blessing: 

    Don't forget to include a religious tour of the hill station's numerous temples in your tourist itinerary while in Lansdowne. Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, located 38 km from Lansdowne, and Santoshi Maa Temple, reachable on foot from Tip n Top Viewpoint, are two of the area's well-known temples. There are also two churches: St. John Church, which is situated on Mall Road and is Lansdowne's only working Roman Catholic church. St. Mary's Church, a historic church turned museum with images and tales from the pre-independence era, is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The event is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with an INR 10 admission charge.

    Go birdwatching in Lansdowne’s rich woods: 

    Looking up reveals more than just a crisp blue sky and tall fir trees. A diverse range of migratory species, including the red-crested pochard, common merganser, northern shoveler, ruddy shelduck, and northern pintail, are drawn to Lansdowne. You would enjoy going bird watching whether or not you are a nature enthusiast because these adorable animals come to this location from all over the world. Show skill with your cameras!

    Pay respect to Darwan Singh at his museum: 

    Dedicated to Darwan Singh Negi, a Naik in the Garhwal Rifles and the winner of the renowned Victoria Cross heroism medal, this two-story historical defense museum is beautifully adorned. This museum contains some little-known information on the Indian Army's Garhwal Rifles. This 33-year-old museum, a well-known Lansdowne destination, boasts an array of vintage uniforms, pictures, diplomas, weapons, and ammo that is sure to stir up your inner kid.

    Shop your pockets out:

    Shopping is the solution if you're wondering what to do in Lansdowne. While Lansdowne is not a very well-liked shopping destination, you might discover some amazing items there—after all, great things often come in little packages. At Lansdowne Market or Alaknanda Market, you can find some adorable souvenirs. If you want to get any leather goods, go to Javed's Shop, which is located next to Garhwal Rifles Camp. There, you can pick up some awesome leather goods at a low price.

    Have a little jungle safari: 

    One of the greatest spots to visit in Uttarakhand is Lansdowne, which is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and wildness. Also, there are opportunities for people to go on a forest safari and explore the local fauna. These jungle safaris are arranged by several travel companies in this area, and they transport visitors deep into the dense woods to see Himalayan wild animals.

    Satiate your hunger with Uttarakhand food: 

    It would be equally boring to travel to Lansdowne and not sample the food of Uttarakhand as it would be to stay inside all day on vacation. For clear reasons, this is one of the greatest places to eat in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, where you can indulge in an array of regional dishes. Simply enter any restaurant and indulge your food cravings with local favorites like Aloo ke gutke, Kulath ki dal, Baadi, Thechwani, Kafuli, and Phaanu. Furthermore, one can savor Chinese and Continental cuisine as well as some sweet dishes like Gulgula and Arsa.


    When you find Lansdowne, you'll be left wondering why you didn't find it sooner, much like that buried jewel in your grandmother's attic. Lansdowne provides the ideal balance of peace and adventure, whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone who just wants to get away from the activity of the city. Every corner and cranny of this quaint hill village has a tale to tell, from the tranquil Bhulla Lake to the historically significant St. John's Church.

    Are you in the mood for adventure? You will experience the much-needed burst of excitement as you trek through the lovely trees. More of a relaxed tourist? You'll love taking a leisurely stroll around the Garhwal Rifles War Memorial. Let's not overlook the cuisine either! 

    You don't want to ignore Uttarakhand trip, We promise. You will have memories to treasure and tales to share from your time at Lansdowne, whether you stay for a week or just a weekend. Who knows? This location feels like pure magic, so much so that you could even begin to believe in it!


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