Things To Do in Bhimtal

    Things To Do in Bhimtal

    May 29, 2024

    Bhimtal, the quaint small town set deep in the hills of Uttarakhand. Think again if you believe that Bhimtal is just another location on a map. This treasure chest of sights and activities will transport you away from the rush of the metropolis. Imagine spending a day seeing historic temples, hiking through natural forests, or relaxing on a calm lake! Bhimtal offers everything that will grab your interest whether you're an adventure seeker, a peace seeker, or a history enthusiast. Are you up for an enjoyable journey that combines excitement and relaxation? Let's explore the best things to do in Bhimtal by grabbing your hat and packing your spirit of adventure. Warning: This tourist attraction has the potential to make you fall in love!

    At 1370 meters above sea level, Bhimtal is known for its picturesque beauty, which is mirrored in the Kumaon Himalayas and its rolling green farmland. The incredible beauty of this tiny modest town next to Nainital could possibly be described in several ways, including vibrant, calm, enchanting, and breathtakingly gorgeous. Bhimtal, named for the magnificent figure of Bhima in the Mahabharata, is a natural hotspot with several natural landmarks, museums, temples, aquariums, and more. It is a location where you can participate in a variety of adventure activities, discover nature paths, go stargazing at Starscapes Observatory, and enjoy local cuisine and tea at waterfront eateries. This is a list of some of the best things to do in Bhimtal that are sure to make your vacation unforgettable.

    10 Amazing Things to do In Bhimtal for a Refreshing Break in the Hills

    1. Victoria Dam
    2. Bhimeshwar Temple
    3. Camping and Stargazing
    4. Paragliding
    5. Boating and Fishing
    6. Water Zorbing
    7. Trek to Hidimba Parvat
    8. Off-road Biking
    9. Shopping
    10. Aquarium Island Café

    Victoria Dam: 

    Victoria Dam, located on the banks of Bhimtal Lake, is a well-liked tourist destination that offers peace and tranquility to let you relax in the heart of nature. Tourists find this location even more attractive and captivating because of the beautifully maintained terrace gardens on both sides of the dam. Surrounded by towering mountains and thick forests, Victoria Dam offers a bird's-eye perspective of the natural world. Next to this dam lies the renowned Bhimeshwar Temple, dating back to the 17th century. If you wish to explore and take in the finest of nature and tranquility, you need to include a visit to Victoria Dam.

    Bhimeshwar Temple: 

    Bhimeshwar Temple, which dates back to the 17th century, is famous for its exquisite design and rich past. Situated on Bhimtal Lake, the temple honors Lord Shiva and carries the name Bhim, the second-strongest of the Pandava princes. The temple, which is considered to have been there since the Dwapara yuga, is an essential stop when visiting Bhimtal. It is stated that when Bhim was ascending the Himalayan mountain ranges, he heard a holy voice from the heavens urging him to build a Shiva temple if he wanted to be remembered for all time. Bhim built a Shiva temple with great dedication, becoming a real devotee of Shiva. You have to go there since it's a spiritual and historical site.

    Camping and Stargazing: 

    Bhimtal is a great place for travelers to enjoy camping and stargazing because of the excellent weather and tranquil surroundings. In Bhimtal, there are plenty of campsites tucked away within the gorgeous forests of a mountain range, providing travelers and thrill-seekers with an unforgettable camping experience. Camping in Bhimtal is a lot of fun and offers you an opportunity to see the stunning mountains and the starry sky filled with blue stars. It's like no other travel experience. Some of the most unforgettable activities in Bhimtal include camping and stargazing, which visitors must try to have a truly exceptional time.


    Paragliding, one of the greatest adventure sports in Bhimtal, is the main draw for visitors to the lake city. With enough room to fly and land perfectly, Naukuchiatal is a great area to go paragliding. It is truly an amazing sensation to feel as though you are floating over the Bhimtal valleys and gazing down on the gorgeous landscape. Sky Bird Adventures, Flying Bird Adventure, and Paragliding Naukuchiatal are a few of the most well-liked paragliding locations in Bhimtal.

    Boating and Fishing: 

    Boating and fishing are two of the top tourist activities in Bhimtal. Numerous stunning lakes, such as Sattal Lake, Bhimtal Lake, and Naukuchiatal Lake, can be found in this little hamlet. Although all three lakes are popular destinations, Bhimtal Lake offers the most romantic view of the island in the middle of the lake. This lovely lake provides its guests with a memorable experience because of its pleasant surroundings and attractive sights. Enjoy a thrilling boat ride and fantastic fishing that will make your vacation to the town worthwhile.

    Water Zorbing: 

    Water zorbing is one of the top water sports activities available at Bhimtal Lake. It's the perfect spot to get the most incredible and unforgettable aquatic sporting experience. When water zorbing, you'll be enclosed in a large ball that you must roll or control around the water's surface. Since its introduction to the public a few years ago, this creative and enjoyable water sport has been incredibly popular with visitors to Bhimtal. Although it's a great way to make the most of your trip to Bhimtal, it must be done under expert supervision for safety reasons.

    Trek to Hidimba Parvat: 

    The next place on our list of the top activities in Bhimtal is the forested Hidimba Parvat, which is only 5 kilometers from Bhimtal. This huge hill has the name of Hidimba, a demon who was the spouse of Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata. With its beautiful outlook of natural valleys and landscapes all around, the Hidimba Mountain is really breathtaking. Also, Hidimba Parvat is a great location in Bhimtal for adventurous activities. There is a short, simple walk of around 2 kilometers to the point for adventure seekers. A fantastic adventure sport for those seeking some physical difficulties is climbing the Hidimba Parvat.

    Off-road Biking: 

    Off-road biking can be the most thrilling activity for people who love to test their adrenaline to the limit. The most breathtaking mountain bike trails can possibly be found in the Himalayan mountain ranges, which are home to gigantic farm fields spread across the green hillsides. You can get more familiar with the locals, their way of life, and their natural beauty by going mountain riding in Kumaon. In spite of religious monuments and other attractions, mountain biking is the greatest way to see the numerous picturesque locations in and around Bhimtal. One of the activities that is highly suggested in Bhimtal is off-road biking.


    A visit to Bhimtal wouldn't be considered complete without strolling the marketplace and purchasing souvenirs. In the alleyways of Bhimtal, a plethora of little shops and booths provide handcrafted candles, sculptures, jewelry, carpets, and organic goods along with Garhwali art. You can have a pleasant shopping experience by browsing the neighborhood's street markets. Try to dine on the local cuisine as well; it's a very unique experience.

    Aquarium Island Café: 

    Aquarium Island Café is a unique lakeside café with an aquarium inside that is situated in the center of Bhimtal Lake. This stunning aquarium, one of the top tourist destinations in Nainital and Bhimtal, is home to a variety of fish from different nations, such as Mexico, South Africa, China, and more. Surrounded by a lake, this is the first island aquarium café in India, located in the hills and offering guests a chance to see a variety of aquatic life. In the meantime, travelers can soak in the stunning views of the hills and lake as well as sip cup of coffee and other delectable meals at the café.


    Folks, there you have it! Nestled in the hills, Bhimtal is nothing less than a paradise, offering a perfect combination of natural beauty and thrilling sports. This little village has something to offer around every curve, from boating on the serene lake to trekking through lush trails and taking in the local way of life. Bhimtal makes sure you depart with lifelong memories, whether you've filled your camera with breathtaking photos or your spirit with peaceful moments. Now prepare to tell your friends about trip to Uttarakhand, the hidden gem. Take your luggage (plus a few extra for all those souvenirs). You never know, maybe you'll encourage them to come along on your next journey with you. 

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