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    Things To Do In Mussoorie

    Things To Do In Mussoorie

    Jun 12, 2024

    One of the numerous beautiful hill stations in India that provides thrilling getaways is Mussoorie. Due to its abundance of Himalayan resources, the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state is commonly referred to as the "Queen of Hills." Any plan for a trip or experience in North India would be completed without considering Mussoorie. Check out our list for the best things to do in Mussoorie. With an abundance of adventurous activities, stunning scenery, and the greatest shopping locations among India's hill stations, Mussoorie has it all.

    The "Queen of Hills," offers a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of exciting adventure activities. The top things to do in Mussoorie are listed below, out of all the available activities. Try these thrilling activities to make your hill retreat unforgettable.

    10 Off Beaten Things To Do In Mussoorie For A Proper Mindfresh

    1. Hike your way to Happy Valley
    2. Treat your adventurous heart with unlimited fun activities
    3. Trek! Trek! Trek!
    4. Soar high in the sky - Paragliding
    5. Try your shot at skating
    6. Indulge in winemaking and wine tasting
    7. Have to participate in the thrilling activity of Whitewater Rafting
    8. Unleash your potential shopping spirits
    9. Satiate your taste buds with Tibetan and Garhwali cuisines
    10. Get your hands on a mountain bike and set on an adventure

    Hike your way to Happy Valley: 

    There are several captivating sceneries in Mussoorie. Walking and trekking are unforgettable experiences because of the majestic mountains and green valleys covered with magnificent clouds. Some of the nicest things to do in Mussoorie are to walk from Waverly Convent to Company Bagh, from Valley View to Clouds End, and from Library Head into the Happy Valley. You can see why walking is the greatest method to discover mountains by taking a stroll down these streets and roads. The Kempty Waterfall Walk, Happy Valley Walk, Jabarkhet Nature Reserve Walk, Nag Tibba, and other walks are some of the greatest in Mussoorie.

    Treat your adventurous heart with unlimited fun activities: 

    The Skywalk, which opened to the public for the first time ever, is one of the most entertaining activities in Mussoorie. Would you be thrilled to walk 360 feet on a single wire rope at 120 feet with your hands free? Because a harness is used to secure you to a supporting wire, safety is guaranteed. When participating in a Zipline experience, you are fastened to a wire rope harness with the assistance of a pulley at the upper end and sent sliding down a 330-foot vertical slope at a speed of 50 km/h. Combining a giant swing and a zipline, Zip Swings are 80 feet high. You start by zipping on a wire rope harness. And there it is, you in the open sky screaming and shouting out of sheer joy. 

    Trek! Trek! Trek!: 

    For thrill-seekers, trekking in Mussoorie is the most sought-after adventure. Trekking is available in several areas in Mussoorie, such as the Bhadraj Temple climb, Nag Tibba Summit, Har ki dun walk, Dodital trek, and more. Low to moderate difficulty hikes that don't require much training make up the majority of the treks in Mussoorie. While trekking is one of the greatest winter activities in Mussoorie, it's always a good idea to check the perfect time to go because there's always a chance the activity may be postponed due to bad weather or other circumstances. So, experience the excitement of adventure by going on hikes and camping trips in Mussoorie. You get to spend much-needed alone time with nature during these pure moments.

    Soar high in the sky - Paragliding: 

    One of India's top paragliding locations is Mussoorie. In Mussoorie, most paragliding providers provide two-seater glider joyrides, handled by experienced professionals with over 3,000 hours of flight time. This is most definitely the most straightforward unique thing to do in Mussoorie. One is never too young or old to perform it, and no prior training or expertise is required. The flights in Mussoorie are lengthy, up to 10,000 feet in altitude, and last at least an hour (15 km). Enjoy a pleasant trip by indulging in one of these thrilling adventure sports and activities in Mussoorie.

    Try your shot at skating: 

    The largest roller skating rink in India is located in Mussoorie, which is actually amazing. Try your shot at skating here if you have decent balance. Give your body a spin and your feet some wheels, and the burst of adrenaline will leave you feeling pleasantly high. The most well-liked skating rinks in Mussoorie are the ones near the tourist office, The Rink in Kulri Bazaar, and Jaypee Resort. In December, it's one of the most enjoyable activities in Mussoorie.

    Indulge in winemaking and wine tasting: 

    The process of producing wine, sometimes referred to as vinification, is one of the quirky activities to do in Mussoorie. There are several winemaking workshops available in Mussoorie. Making a range of wines from grapes, pears, ginger, plums, and apples is taught. One can have 10 bottles of premium wine produced entirely by hand in less than a month. The recipes are mailed so you can come back to them later. Wine tastings typically follow these workshops. It's actually among the top activities in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

    Have to participate in the thrilling activity of Whitewater Rafting: 

    One of the craziest activities in Mussoorie is river rafting. Rafting white water rafts on swift-moving rivers is an exciting activity. Deep woods, rough terrain, mountains, and occasionally even snow-covered slopes are all crossed by these rivers. There are several difficult rapids along sections of the Alaknanda, Dhauliganga, and Kali rivers. Rafting from Barkot to Lakhamandal and Damta to Yamuna Bridge, close to Mussoorie, is an option for a straightforward half-day adventure.

    Unleash your potential shopping spirits: 

    Not much of an adventurer and unsure of what to do in Mussoorie? Take shopping duties! The Library, Kulri Bazaar, and Landour Bazaar are the three primary shopping destinations in Mussoorie. Antiques, ethnic jewelry, and curios are all sold at these stores. A route rises to the former Landour cantonment location about 5 kilometers beyond Kulri Bazaar. Books, silver jewelry, and Raj memorabilia are sold in stores at Landour market. Among other things, stores in the mall sell exquisitely carved walking sticks. A Tibetan market may be found just below Mall Road, offering reasonably priced sleeping bags, windcheaters, sweaters, and shawls. You could further investigate the small-scale marketplaces that are a short distance from Mussoorie.

    Satiate your taste buds with Tibetan and Garhwali cuisines:

    A traditional cuisine tour is one of the most well-liked things to do in Mussoorie if you're hungry for something different to eat. Tibetan and Garhwali cuisines had a major effect on Mussoorie's cuisine. Thus, during your visit, you might definitely locate your favorite Thukpas, noodle soups, and dim sum. Normally, what you'll find here is food prepared using grains, lentils, pulses, meats, and dairy items. Popular Garhwali cuisine comprises delicacies like Malta Juice, Rose Juice, Bal Mithai, Singodi, Gul Gula, Bhangjeera, Jhangora ki Kheer, and Aloo ke Gutke.

    Get your hands on a mountain bike and set on an adventure: 

    Last but not the least, mountain biking is among the top things to do in Mussoorie if you love riding bikes and riding on mountain roads. A well-liked bicycle path that passes the Surkanda Devi Temple is the Dhanaulti Road, which offers a verdant, lush environment with plenty of apple, pear, pine, and oak trees. For singles and couples visiting Mussoorie, this is one of the most well-known adventurous vacation activities. Travelers will definitely satiate their hunger for thrills while experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush.


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