Things to do in Shillong

    Things to do in Shillong

    May 02, 2024

    Don't you think it would be interesting to see what Northeast India may look like? Sure, beyond the "chicken's neck" that links the Northeastern region and Indian subcontinent, there is a rich and varied world. Meghalaya is the gem in the Northeast, one of the Seven Sisters united, where you will find yourself as a whole individual amidst the natural, pure splendors of nature. 

    Visitors from all over the world are consistently welcomed to Shillong, the commercial center and capital of Meghalaya. Plan the things to do in Shillong for a relaxing escape to experience the coolness of misty mountains and amazing waterfalls, especially if you are visiting Meghalaya trip and will be passing through the busy streets of Shillong.

    Shillong has a box full of surprises waiting for you to open and make the most of them. These include seeing the magnificent Elephant Falls, taking a leisurely stroll around Ward's Lake and enjoying the vibrant blooms, and sampling both the authentic and hybridized varieties of "Momo," the popular street food of Northeast India, in the tiny lanes of Police Bazar.

    9 Best Things to do in Shillong

    Let's take a look at the 9 most popular things to do in Shillong, the "Abode of Clouds," for an unforgettable vacation.

    1. Ward's Lake -

    Ward's Lake, an artificial lake in the middle of Shillong, is a great place for people to go for leisurely walks and have a potluck picnic with friends and family. Known by another name, Pollock's Lake, it's possible to see the visually stunning seasonal flowers and natural surroundings that will take you to a paradisiacal place. You can see the lake's breathtaking beauty by taking a paddle boat trip, which offers the perfect balance of peace and the natural world's intricate details. Never pass up the opportunity to visit Ward's Lake during the November Cherry Blossom Festival, when you can discover the world of Sakura, Japan, which can be added to things to do in Shillong. 

    2. Umiam Lake -

    Umiam Lake, often referred to as Barapani Lake, is one of Shillong, Meghalaya's main attractions. Umiam Lake was created as a man-made reservoir or dam across the Umiam River in the early 1960s to support Northeast India's hydropower project. Today, it serves as a picturesque tourist destination where visitors can take in peace and quiet. You will fall in love with the lake, surrounded on all sides by verdant hills, whose beauty has no bounds. Exploring the hidden beauty of Umiam Lake through a boat trip is one of the greatest things to do in Shillong. You may enjoy Lumpongdeng Island's solitude by traveling to the opposite side of the lake. 

    3. Elephant Falls -

    Elephant Falls, one of the most well-known tourist spots in Northeast India, is situated outside of Shillong and is sure to draw you with its magnificent three-tier waterfall. The falls' name comes from an elephant-shaped rock that is present on one side. Surrounded by beautiful forests on every side, Elephant Falls will charm you with its dreamy magnificence and the calming sounds of falling water. Never pass up taking the greatest picturesque photos for a long-lasting memory when hiking up the hills and across the lush surroundings. Also, you can check out the little street stores next to the falls, which provide unique trinkets and artisanal items to brighten up your house. At Elephant Falls, one might opt to don traditional Khasi clothing to give themselves a unique appearance.

    4. Don Bosco Museum -

    You will surely relive the early periods when and how the tribes of Northeast India moved from different areas of the surrounding nations like Bhutan, Nepal, and Myanmar by visiting the museum's prehistoric display. You'll be shocked to see how many tools and weapons for farming, fishing, hunting, and collecting are displayed in the gallery. Northeasterners are incredibly interested in art and culture, which is why you'll discover a ton of artifacts related to traditional dance forms, music, home goods, etc. Furthermore, you may sample the delicious Northeastern cuisine that is offered in the food gallery.

    5. Laitlum Grand Canyon -

    Laitlum Grand Canyon is one of the greatest locations in Shillong for a honeymoon if you're looking for peace and awe-inspiring views of hills and valleys. It could offer you unforgettable experiences that will enhance your life. Trekking is a well-liked activity that allows you to explore a wide variety of natural oddities and go through the outdoors. This location, which is south of Shillong, offers panoramic views of the far-off green hills and the greatest sunsets. Take in some dreamlike moments, spend a few hours there, and get the greatest photos for a beautiful reminder. 

    6. Mawlynnong village -

    Meghalaya is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. Being rich in natural beauty, Meghalaya is a great place to visit. Discover India named Mawlynnong village the cleanest hamlet in Asia in 2003, and a day trip there will take you to a world where sustainability is a way of life. The locals, who live in harmony with the environment by recycling trash, collecting rainwater, utilizing solar energy, and purchasing eco-friendly goods, are sure to charm you. Stroll the village's tidy streets at your leisure and take in the environmentally friendly houses, dustins, and unusual plants and animals that add to the area's breathtaking beauty. Enjoy engaging in conversation with the locals to discover more about their eternal love and cultural ethos.

    7. Sao Aiom restaurant -

    Sao Aiom restaurant, which is a part of Ri Kynjai Serenity by the Lake and is situated in Umbir, is known for its delicious Northeastern and Khasi food, which will tempt you with its sophisticated flavors. Sao Aiom, which translates to "Four Seasons" in Khasi, offers you a nutritious plate with basic yet unusual flavors made using lesser-known and locally cultivated products. It also offers you lovely views of Umiam Lake. Never pass up sampling the delectable Northeastern delicacy of smoked beef with bamboo shoots—it will astound you. In addition to serving traditional food, they also offer a well chosen menu with delicious Chinese, Indian, and Continental fare that is perfect for snacking. This restaurant should be included on the list of the finest things to do in shillong. 

    8. The Dawki River -

    The Dawki River is most recognized for its vivid boats and turquoise blue water, which provide for a memorable photo that may be framed for a lifetime. You may schedule a day trip to Dawki, which is situated in the eastern region of Meghalaya's Jaintia Hills, to see its unique features and rediscover its beauty. Known by another name, the Umngot River, it is the purest river close to the boundary between Bangladesh and India. You may give fishing a go, as it's the main source of income for the locals. It's said to be an excellent activity here. Numerous activities are available, such as boating, rafting, kayaking, camping, and tours to tribal villages where you may discover more about their way of life and culture. 

    9. Police Bazar -

    The most well-known night market in Shillong is called Police Bazar, and it's packed with high-end shops, boutiques, cool cafes, unique bakeries, and regional eateries. The market's winding lanes come alive with large people during the evening. Trying out the local street food at Police Bazar, such as the hot and juicy Momo with spicy chutney, tungrymbai, jadoh (a typical Khasi delicacy), dohneiiong, etc., and experiencing their explosion of flavors, is one of the greatest things to do in Shillong. You can even find the newest selection of fashionable winter clothing by shopping at the top brand stores. Don't forget to visit the upscale shops and neighborhood emporiums to shop for souvenirs and bring back a humorous memory from Northeast India. You can go on a little foodie adventure.


    Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, will capture you with its cloudy mountains, charming valleys, high cliffs, flawless lakes, and the state's uncomplicated Khasi culture. Make a list of things to do in Shillong to start your journey, discover all of Meghalaya's oddest spots, and restore your spirit with the state's stunning scenery and natural culture. Shillong, Meghalaya, will satisfy your needs in every manner whether you are an adventure seeker or a leisure traveler. From engaging in exhilarating activities like trekking through the wilderness or skydiving, to discovering the chic cafes on Shillong's charming alleys, Shillong has something to offer everyone.

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