Best time to visit Shillong

    Best Time to visit Shillong

    Apr 26, 2024

    There are many charming cities in the northeast with great weather and gorgeous scenery. Among the most well-known is Shillong, a well-known hill station that welcomes a sizable number of tourists each year. Whatever is the season, there are always people planning trips to Shillong. This place has excellent weather along with being well-known for its music, earning it the title of "Rock Capital of India."

    It goes without saying that if you are considering a Meghalaya Trip, you want to make sure that the weather is great or that you arrive in time for some fantastic music festivals. For this reason, you should consider when is the best time to visit Shillong before deciding on your choice. The best times to visit Shillong are generally said to be September through May. This provides an enormous amount of opportunity for guests to carefully consider their scheduling. Here's a look at the best times to visit Shillong by season.

    Shillong during Summer

    In Shillong, the summer months go from March to June. Travelers like how different this place is from the busy cities they have escaped, especially because the weather is nice and mild during this time of year. It's usually said to be a great time to visit Shillong because the temperature stays between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

    In Shillong, the summers are just perfect in every way. Visitors particularly like the air's sense of peaceful beauty and its fresh, chilly quality. Locals in Shillong celebrate Shad Suk Mynsiem, a thanksgiving holiday, with traditional dances and music during this time of year. If you are fortunate enough to visit Shillong during this time of year, count yourself blessed. Remember, too, that these are the months when summer vacations are observed throughout India, so you should prepare for crowds since this is the busiest time of year. Booked hotels and flights with captureatrip and also anticipated to be quite busy during this period.

    Shillong during Monsoon 

    In Shillong, the monsoon season runs from July to September. During this season, there generally happens to be a lot of rain; in fact, the yearly total could exceed 3300 mm. While the temperature hovers at 12 to 16 degrees Celsius, not everyone enjoys traveling to Shillong during the rain. All things considered, now may be the perfect time for you to visit Shillong if you're the kind of person who enjoys taking on new challenges and can readily carry a backpack along. Nothing is quite as stunning as Shillong during the rainy season, when the whole area changes into an amazing landscape of lush greenery.

    During this time, the Jaintia tribe celebrates their traditional festival. There is a lot to see and experience, particularly their ceremonies and offerings. The monsoon season is also the best time to see Shillong's waterfalls because of the stunning water flow and the most vibrantly green surroundings. If you're not a fan of rainy weather, you should avoid traveling to Shillong at this time of year because walking about the city and climbing could be very annoying. In case it happens that you visit Shillong during the monsoon, don't forget to pack an umbrella, raincoat, and mud boots. 

    Shillong during Winter 

    The winter months in Shillong go from October to March. Even if it is a pleasant 22 degrees during the day, the temperature can dip as low as 2 degrees Celsius. If you are fortunate enough to visit Shillong during this time of year, you can dedicate the day to seeing the city without having to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm because the winters here are often gentler than they are in most other areas. For most people, this is the most suitable time of year to visit Shillong.

    Winters are said to be the best time of year for honeymooners and couples seeking a romantic vacation since they are frequently dry and chilly. There's a unique type of enthusiasm in the air as the city gets dressed out for winter holidays like Christmas and New Year. The high humidity in Shillong throughout the winter months is another great thing about living there. It guarantees that you do not develop chapped lips and dry skin, which are frequent during the really cold months.

    Many festivals are held here during the winter and the short fall. The autumn Festival, which takes place between October and November, is a wonderful occasion that features music and cultural events that delight both locals and tourists. The Nongkrem Dance Festival is held in October and November as a way to give gratitude to God for an abundant harvest, peace, and wealth. The Wangala Festival is held in February and is a time of great celebration and joy dedicated to honoring the God of Fertility. The colorful traditional clothing and headdresses worn by the locals, together with a number of fascinating ceremonies and sacrifices, make for beautiful sight.

    Shillong truly offers a wide range of amazing experiences that will satisfy all forms of wanderlust, from waterfalls to pine-covered hills, British-style churches to local ethnic bazaars, fantastic cultural events to one-of-a-kind encounters. 


    Any time of year is a great time to visit Shillong, but the best time to travel depends heavily on what you're looking for. The months of June through September are excellent for the monsoon season if you want to see the brilliant blossoms and lush greenery. But if you're more into hiking and touring outside and prefer clear sky and comfortable weather, then the post-monsoon months of October through November or the spring months of March through May are perfect. Winter, which lasts from December to February, offers freezing weather and an opportunity to see Shillong's distinct appeal from a new angle. So, arrange your travel according to your tastes and take in Shillong's beauty in a way that is all your own!

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