Cafes in Shillong

    Cafes in Shillong

    May 15, 2024

    Meghalaya's main city of Shillong has a thriving and varied food scene that reflects the natural wealth and rich cultural legacy of the state. Shillong restaurants present a fascinating blend of tastes, influenced by Assamese food, foreign culinary trends, and native Khasi cuisine.

    A highlight is the cuisine of Khasi, which includes delicacies like Tungrymbai (fermented soybean chutney), Doh Khleh (spicy minced beef), and Jadoh (rice and pig cooked with spices). These regional specialties are frequently served in restaurants alongside more well-known Chinese and Indian cuisine.

    In Shillong, cafes and bakeries are also quite popular. They serve delicious pastries, snacks, and freshly made coffee. The town's young atmosphere and creative community have led to the development of several unique and comfortable restaurants that are ideal for hanging out and mingling.

    Some restaurants provide outside seating so that patrons may enjoy their meals amid the natural surroundings and outstanding views, all set against the magnificent scenery as the backdrop. Equally tempting is the neighborhood's street food scene, where stands sell momos, steamed dumplings, and local munchies.

    On the whole, Meghalaya trip dining options are diverse and offer both excellent cuisine and a distinctive cultural experience, making it a culinary joy for both residents and visitors. Have a look!

    11 Best Cafe for Lunch and Dinner in Shillong 

    • ML05 Cafe
    • Dylan's Cafe
    • Bistro
    • Jadoh
    • The Wok Restaurant
    • Qzine
    • Jiva Veg Restaurant
    • The Whoo
    • Bread Cafe
    • Trattoria
    • Bamboo Hut

    1.ML05 Cafe -

    Tucked down in the peaceful forests close to Shillong, ML05 Cafe is a unique restaurant that skillfully combines cuisine and memories. Every visitor is greeted with an Instagram-worthy backdrop thanks to the walls covered in antique motorcycle and cars collectibles. Beyond only being visually appealing, ML05 Cafe draws the senses with a mouthwatering selection of foods that suit a wide range of palates. This restaurant offers an amazing dining experience with its own blend of rustic appeal and culinary quality. ML05 Cafe promises a remarkable adventure through the woods, where every visit is a feast for the senses, whether you're a car fanatic or a cuisine lover looking for a gorgeous vacation.

    2. Dylan's Cafe- 

    A quiet gem in the community, Dylan's Cafe honors the heritage of legendary poet and singer Bob Dylan. Fans of Dylan as well as anybody looking for a wonderful eating experience will find paradise in this little business. The friendly staff at the cafe provides excellent service along with delicious meals. Cafe Dylan's is the place to go if you're looking for a comfortable place to have lunch in Shillong. Its ambience pays respect to Bob Dylan's classic songs with a tasteful fusion of imagination and music. Enjoy your meals while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery—a destination for foodies and music lovers alike. 

    3. Bistro -

    Shillong's Bistro is an excellent vegetarian restaurant with reasonably priced food. It has an excellent location near several attractions, right in the middle of Police Bazaar. Delicious vegetarian food that suits a variety of palates is served at this restaurant. For a filling and reasonably priced dinner, Bistro is a great option whether you're a native or just exploring Shillong. It's a popular eating destination that guarantees convenience and flavor for customers from all walks of life, making it a preferred choice for vegetarians in the neighborhood thanks to its wide menu and accessible location.

    4. Jadoh -

    Jadoh Restaurants is an excellent option in Shillong for an amazing Khasi dining experience. It sets itself out as one of the few places in the city where Khasi food is served in a genuine manner. This restaurant has grown to be a treasured find for both residents and tourists.As soon as you walk in, the cozy, inviting atmosphere creates a wonderful setting for a delicious lunch. You've discovered nirvana if you enjoy both pork and jadoh. Tasty Khasi cuisine is the specialty of Jadoh Restaurant, which is sure to tempt your taste buds. Apart from offering combination meals that include rice, salad, curry, chutney, and veggies, their smoky meat curries are a must-try. This ensures a filling and well-rounded dining experience. 

    5. The Wok Restaurant -

    Chinese food awaits you at The Wok Restaurant, so don't delay to stop by. This place is well known for its tasty soups, juicy poultry, and well cooked wok specialties. It is widely known for its wonderful food as well as for its wonderful service and friendly staff members. Its pricing has been highly complimented by reviews, making it an excellent option for meals. The experience is made better by the cozy setting. Look nowhere else if you're starving or just looking for a delicious meal. The Wok Restaurant provides a delectable range that will fulfill your gastronomic cravings and matches your budget. Nothing less than the best cuisine will do.

    6. Qzine -

    Qzine is a famous eating place in Shillong that radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's the best location for anybody looking for a remarkable gastronomic experience. The restaurant's main goal is to make sure customers have a fun and fulfilling meal experience. The Khasi Jadoh, which offers a true sense of the area, is one of their best-known meals. With its flawlessly sautéed chicken and rich, savory flavors, the Chicken Sizzler is a standout option for people who are yearning for exquisite treats. Pasta Alfredo is a creamy and delicious option if you're looking for a taste of several cuisines. Beyond these exceptional items, Qzine's menu offers a wide variety of options. There's a lot of food options, such as mutton Rogan Josh, laccha aloo, paneer butter masala, and chicken bharta.

    7. Jiva Veg Restaurant - 

    For those who are strictly vegetarian, Jiva Veg Restaurant in Shillong is a great option because of its varied menu that combines vegetarian and Chinese cuisines. Paneer, biryani, and tandoori roti are among the tasty delicacies that patrons may enjoy. The mouth watering pancakes and cool drinks add to the experience. Famous are their lassi, masala chai, and cold coffee. Jiva's success can be attributed to its polite employees who provide exceptional service that customers find admirable. The restaurant has modern design and a calm atmosphere, and the rates are affordable. In Shillong, Jiva Veg Restaurant is a great choice for vegetarians looking for a hearty dinner.

    8. The Whoo -

    The Whoo is a culinary jewel located in the center of Shillong, well-known for its varied multi-cuisine choices and delicious mocktails. This town's secret jewel is well-known for creating the best mocktails, each of which is a lovely blend of creativity and flavor. The Whoo's culinary skill is evident in more ways than just its mouthwatering cocktails; its menu has a plethora of excellent seafood dishes that take dining to new levels. This restaurant offers a unique culinary experience, with dishes including delicious seafood platters and delectable seafood curries. The Whoo is a must-visit location for foodies in Shillong because of its amazing mocktails and seafood meals.

    9. Bread Cafe -

    For those with a sweet craving, Bread Cafe is a delightful F&B-casual dining location. Delicious dishes including freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, salads, and more are available at this little restaurant. Its friendly atmosphere and helpful personnel make for a pleasant and appealing experience. The varied menu, which appeals to a range of tastes, includes both new innovations and timeless favorites. Bread Cafe offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, including energizing smoothies and fragrant coffee and tea, in addition to pastries. Bread Cafe guarantees a delicious culinary adventure for all eaters, whether you're looking for a short treat or a big dinner.

    10. Trattoria -

    One of Shillong's best multicuisine restaurants, Trattoria, offers the perfect dining experience. It's a great fusion of fine food and a comfortable setting. Tucked away in Shillong's scenic surroundings, the restaurant offers peaceful surroundings that complement your meal. The welcoming ambiance of the trattoria combined with the picturesque surroundings make for the perfect atmosphere for indulging in food. Its strategic placement complements the whole eating experience by providing views of the town's verdant environs and lush foliage. Trattoria is the go-to place for anybody looking for a unique culinary experience in Shillong, where flavor and calmness coexist together.

    11. Bamboo Hut -

    Known for its broad menu of amazing delicacies, Shillong's Bamboo Hut restaurant serves Chinese cuisine. It is the ideal place to eat because of its lovely interior, which is made completely of bamboo and creates a cozy atmosphere. With a staff of seasoned chefs that expertly create every dish to perfection, the restaurant takes pleasure in providing a mouthwatering culinary experience. Bamboo Hut offers a unique eating experience whether you're in the mood for classic dishes or are brave enough to try something new. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy their delicious Chinese food in a homey, homely atmosphere.


    Discovering the greatest cafes in Shillong turned out to be a lovely experience, full of tastes, aromas, and comfortable ambiances. From indulging in mouth watering pastries to savoring fragrant coffee blends, every café provides an experience of its own that makes an impact. These cafes have something unique to offer, whether you're a visitor wanting to take in Shillong's culinary offerings or a local searching for a new hangout spot. Everything about these cafes is charming, from the creative design to the kind service. Thus, be sure to stop by these cafes the next time you're in Shillong so you can experience the lively cafe scene of the city!


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