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    Things To Do In Pahalgam

    Things To Do In Pahalgam

    Jul 01, 2024

    Pahalgam is located in the Kashmir valley and is a charming base for activities and adventures for everyone. For the adventure seekers, the nature walkers and the cultural extravaganza lovers, Pahalgam has lots to offer. So come along and explore this pretty town in a virtual way and find out what there is to do. Are you also planning a trip to this amazing valley? If yes, then we are here with a well curated list for you all suggesting some of the best things which you can do in Pahalgam.

    Top Excited Things To Do In Pahalgam That You Must Not Miss:

    1. Explore Aru Valley:

    Aru valley can indeed be described as a natural beauty spot, which gives one a natural experience away from the busy world. Just imagine yourself taking a leisurely walk, on lawns filled with different coloured flowers, tall mountains of snow and thick pine trees. The valley is suitable for a picnic or a walk, as far as the specific remains silent about any other use. But for the more daring ones, Aru Valley is the base point to several trekking trails out of which the Kolahoi Glacier trek is extremely steeped.

    2. Rafting on the Lidder River:

    Other activities include bungee-jumping for the very adventurous which can indeed be done at the nearby Lidder River where rafting thrills awaits. This river's pleasure is clear and you will find that saying that rafting is mode challenging; difficult and fun; is absolutely true. There are various classes of water with regard to the level of rapids starting from those that are easy to those that are more challenging for the patrons.

    3. Baisaran: also referred to as the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’.

    Baisaran or locally known as “Mini Switzerland '' is an alpine meadow which is covered by thick forests and snow capped mountains. The beauty of the area that is Baisaran cannot be compared to any other place for photography, horseback riding, and nature walks. Snowy mountains, green fields filled with huts and sheeps grazing, the beauty is as if painted in a postcard.

    4. Betaab Valley:

    Betaab Valley which is derived from the title of the calibrated Bollywood film ‘Betaab’ is another chief point of interest located in Pahalgam. The valley is characterized with lots of vegetation cover, clean sprucing water and beautiful mountainous terrains. One can take the family for a day outing or just go there with his or her partner on a date.                                               

    5. Trekking to Tarsar Marsar:

    If you are keen trekker, then Tarsar Marsar trekking is the one you should not miss. Tarsar Marsar trek offers views of alpine pastures, crystal clear water lakes and stunning mountainous views. Two beautiful lakes, Tarsar and Marsar are the special attraction of this trek and the scenes they capture are worth the trouble.

    6. Golfing at Pahalgam :

    If one desires a more laid back yet similar experience, then the Pahalgam golf course is the place to be. This course is of the 18-hole type and has the background of mountains and forests in this area. They enjoy the natural scenery at Pahalgam and also it is a way of taking leisure on a horse.

    7. Visit the Amarnath Cave:

    Another important element incorporated in the themes and motifs of the novel is also partly a reflection of Bulgakov’s religious views and partly the artistic strands of the narrative which reflect the journey of the main female character of the novel through the spiritual plane.

    Pahalgam is the nearest permanent township and acts as the starting point to the Amarnath Holy Shrine. Amarnath Gufa is a cave situated at an altitude of 3,888 meters having an icy formation which is revered as Shiva Linga. Escalating to the cave is tough but at the same time the whole process is a spiritual one.

    8. Horse Riding:

    This part of the study therefore presents a Scenic Adventure.Tourist can opt for horse riding while in Pahalgam this will enable him or her to tour the region in a rather unique style. It’s also possible to hire a horse and gallop through the valleys, meadows and forests changing the view point on the wonderful nature.

    9. Shopping at Pahalgam Market:

    Exploration is never total without a touch of buying. Pahalgam Market is complete with its local products like Pashmina shawls, wooden made things and the Kashmiri Style Jewelry etc. It is a perfect area to purchase some mementos and gifts for your close ones.Share the feeling with your loved ones.

    10. Pony Rides: Entertaining for Kids & Adults:

    Pony riding hails as an enjoyable and a non-tiring method to plan a trip around the destinations particularly if one is going with kids. Such rides can be said to take one through several predetermined routes and this is quite enjoyable as it is a form of viewing the natural sights without exerting too much effort.

    Interactive Tip: To follow through with this suggestion, you should encourage your traveling group to have a picture competition. Capture photos during the pony ride and leave the photos with the attendants so that people can vote for the best photo at the end of the day.


    Pahalgam is a place with adventurous and scenic beauty along with cultural touch and a peaceful atmosphere. Every one of them offers opportunities to feel the fascination and the atmosphere of this charming place. Be it Rafting over the Lidder River, Trek to Tarsar Marsar, Picnic in Aru Valley the heavenly Pahalgam is a storehouse of exciting activities awaiting the visitor.

    So let the luggage be packed, call the family and friends and get ready with Capture a Trip for the trip to make Pahalgam tourism a desired goal. Take pictures, tell your friends and families about your experiences and most of all make memories to cherish in future. Pahalgam is not just a destination it is much more than that, it is a destination which is experience worthy, memory worthy and love worthy. Here is your travel to Pahalgam friends and let them feel the adrenaline kick in as well!

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