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    kashmir backpacking trip

    Kashmir Backpacking Trip

    Apr 26, 2024

    Kashmir is a must-visit destination for all types of vacationers, with some of the most stunning sights in the nation. It is surrounded by shimmering lakes and snow-capped mountains, making it a serene haven where the beauty of Mother Nature is at its most radiant.

    Kashmir truly has been referred to as "Paradise on Earth'' because of the magnificent beauty that nature has bestowed upon it. Beautiful Chinar trees, which in the fall transform the entire valley yellow and crimson, silver lakes that become golden at the first sign of morning, and pure turquoise rivers that flow from the cold mountains all abound in Kashmir. One gets the captivating impression of being in another location due to the breathtaking scenery and pristine environment.

    This blog offers the potential to answer any remaining doubts you may have about Kashmir Backpacking trip from delhi. Using the knowledge and examples of Kashmir in the summer and winter, I have attempted to put up detailed information that would be perfect for your upcoming backpacking trip.

    How to reach kashmir?

    By air:

    It's very common to fly to Kashmir. While the airport in Srinagar is international, it mostly handles local flights from a variety of locations, including Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities as well. Keep in mind that Srinagar Airport is under tight security protocols. There's a 1.2km security barrier that you must cross to get there. Despite the airport's closeness to the city, it's a good idea to arrive early because there are lengthy lines for both baggage and background checks. Airline companies that often travel to Srinagar include IndiGo, Spicejet, Go Air, and Air India. 

    By bus:

    A network of public and private buses connects Kashmir to neighboring states and cities. You can travel to Srinagar by bus from places like Chandigarh and Delhi. National Highway 1-A connects Jammu and Srinagar. Private deluxe buses run by state road transport company buses from several states arrive in Kashmir. You can hop on your bus at the JKSRTC bus terminal in Srinagar. If you want to come by bus, keep in mind that buses frequently arrive early in the morning or late at night before confirming your travel itinerary. Buses can be uncomfortable at times, making the trip seem extremely tiresome. The bus ride might take up to 24 hours, particularly if you are traveling from Delhi! Still, the buses' popularity comes from their affordability. Also, government buses are available to transport you to Srinagar. The greatest destinations to visit in Kashmir trip, like Jammu, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg, are easily accessible from Srinagar by buses that travel there. 

    By train: 

    If you want to get to Kashmir by train, you must board a train to the single railway station in the region, Jammu Tawi Railway Station in Jammu. While there is a train station near Srinagar as well, at Nowgam, about 10 km outside the city, it only serves selected cities, including Baramulla, Anantnag, Qazigund, and Banihal. It isn't currently connected to the Indian Railway system. Jammu Tawi is a preferable option for traveling to Kashmir from other cities because it has excellent connections to several Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and other metropolitan

    The summers in kashmir 

    Kashmir's summer months, which run from March to the beginning of May, are when the valley bursts into vibrant color. Beautiful green meadows and gentle hills provide a picturesque environment that nature lovers can enjoy on leisurely walks or pony rides.

    Vibrant tulip blossoms cover the well-known Mughal Gardens, such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh, calling tourists to lose themselves in the excellence of these masterfully designed landscapes. The charming Dal Lake takes center stage, providing boat excursions in classic Shikaras as guests enjoy the nice weather and expansive views of the surrounding snow-capped hills.

    The Winters in Kashmir 

    Kashmir grows into an outstanding winter paradise from November to February when winter comes in. The area is completely covered with a perfect coating of snow, which charms the surrounding scenery. The summer city of Srinagar is turned into a postcard-perfect winter landscape, complete with a frozen Dal Lake that gives tourists an enchanting view.

    Gulmarg's icy slopes turn into a retreat for lovers of winter sports, providing top-notch snowboarding and skiing against a backdrop of stunning scenery. If you want to engage in any snow activities, you should think about taking a quick adventure course to have the best possible experience. Places like Pahalgam and Sonamarg, with their snow-covered pine woods and frozen waterfalls, provide for picture-perfect scenes.

    On top of the well-known locations, there are lesser-known but no less fascinating spots to discover in any season. As Doodhpathri draws with lush green pastures and shimmering streams, Yusmarg reveals its gorgeous meadows and tranquil lakes throughout the summer. During winter, isolated havens such as Aharbal and Bangus Valley offer refuge to individuals looking for peace amidst the beauty of the season. These are a handful of places which are gold for all the backpackers out there. 

    What's the Best time to go Backpacking to Kashmir?

    The wonderful seasons of April to October are the best time of year to start off on a backpacking trip in Kashmir, the gem in India's natural beauty. This window provides a perfect combination of pleasant weather and stunning scenery that will wow any traveler.

    Kashmir is painted with a vibrant tapestry of blooming flowers, lush green valleys, and snow-capped peaks throughout the springtime months of April through June. It's the perfect time to go hiking along the peaceful Himalayan paths or just to take in Dal Lake's calming luxury.

    The valley's beautiful sky and mild temperatures throughout the summer months of July through September make it a great location to explore its many captivating areas, including Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg. Traveling during this time of year also adds a spiritual element since it coincides with the well-known Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage.

    The leaves in Kashmir turn golden in autumn (October), creating a picture-perfect canvas for your adventures exploring by backpack.

    Visiting Kashmir in these months guarantees an amazing experience full of warmth, beauty, and friendliness, regardless of your preferences for adventure, peace, or cultural immersion. Therefore, pack your belongings, start on your journey, and let Kashmir impress you.

    Places you shouldn't miss on your backpacking trip to Kashmir

    Srinagar -

    You haven't really experienced Kashmir if you haven't been to Srinagar! The capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, is known for its breathtaking natural surroundings and is perfectly situated on the banks of the Jhelum River. Due to its historical importance as a thriving business hub, the name Srinagar is derived from the Sanskrit words "Sri," which means "wealth," and "Nagar," which means "city."

    With the Himalayas around it, the city offers a plethora of natural beauty, captivating gardens, Shikara rides, houseboats, and much more. The sound of water showering on a beautiful night might be enjoyed when spending a night on a houseboat.

    Nishat Bagh -

    One of the most well-known Mughal gardens is Nishat Bagh, also referred to as the "Garden of Bliss," which is perfectly designed against a backdrop of mountains. Stunning terraces, fruit and chinar trees, and vibrant flower beds await you when you visit this garden on the shores of Dal Lake. Go for a leisurely stroll or simply sit and take in the beauty of nature.

    Shalimar Bagh -

    One of Srinagar's top attractions is the Shalimar Bagh, which was built in 1619 by Mughal emperor Jehangir. It is renowned as Kashmir's most beautiful garden because of its fountains, stunning trees, a wide range of spring and fall flowers, and an abundance of peace.

    Nigeen Lake -

    This lake offers stunning deep blue water and a captivating atmosphere. Simply take a houseboat and discover its splendor. It's the ideal location for spending time in nature. This lake, sometimes referred to as "The Jewel in the Ring," got its name from all the towering trees that surround it.

    Shankaracharya Temple -

    It is the oldest temple in the valley, so the belief continues. Lord Shiva is the recipient of this. People travel from far and wide to this spot because it is the spiritual awakening site of the renowned saint Adi Shankaracharya. Perched 1100 feet above sea level on the Shankaracharya hill, this temple offers a bird's eye perspective of the city. 


    In conclusion, traveling across Kashmir backpacking trip is an absolutely life-changing event. Being able to photograph the amazing scenery, take in the vibrant culture, and interact with the kind residents of this enchanted area proved to be an incredible joy.

    Every area of Kashmir has a tale to tell, waiting to be discovered, from the calm Dal Lake to the towering Himalayan peaks. The colorful marketplaces of Srinagar, the immaculate valleys of Gulmarg, and the meditative atmosphere of Pahalgam provide a varied mix of emotions that linger in the memory and on the camera.

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