Best Places to Visit in Gulmarg

    Best Places to Visit in Gulmarg

    May 18, 2024

    Hello, young explorers! If you're planning on going out for a mystical adventure to a stunning location referred to as  Gulmarg. Imagine a land packed with colorful blooms, tall snowy mountains, and plenty of fun sports.

    Gulmarg, because of this “meadow of plant life,” is in Jammu and Kashmir trip, one of the most stunning elements of India. Let’s discover a few brilliant locations you could visit in Gulmarg! 

    Top 10 Places to Visit in Gulmarg

    • Apharwat Top

    • Alpather Lake

    • Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

    • Gulmarg Golfing Route

    • Maharani Temple

    • Shrine of Baba Reshi

    • St. Mary’s Church

    • Tangmarg

    • Ningle Nallah

    • Khilanmarg

    1. Apharwat Top: 

    Have you ever seen a mountain that’s covered in snow all year? Apharwat's height is just like that! It is so high up that it always has snow, making it ideal for skiing and snowboarding. You can take a special journey referred to as the Gulmarg Gondola, which is a cable vehicle that takes you up the mountain. From the top, you could see other huge mountains, like Nanga Parbat. Isn’t that cool?

    2. Alpather Lake:

    Next, let’s visit Alpather Lake. This lake is at the lowest point of Apharwat and is surrounded by inexperienced meadows and colorful flora. In the wintry weather, the lake freezes, and it seems like a giant ice rink. Humans say you can even walk on it while it’s completely frozen!

    3. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:

    Do you adore animals? The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is sort of a massive home for plenty of wild animals and birds. You may see a snow leopard, a brown bear, or colorful birds, just like the Himalayan snowcock. This area is perfect for youngsters who love nature and animals.

    4. Gulmarg Golfing Route:

    How about gambling golf with one of the best golf guides in the world? The Gulmarg golfing path may be very special due to the fact that it is surrounded by lovely mountains and green fields. Even if you don’t know how to play golf, you can enjoy the lovely surroundings and have an amusing time with your own family.

    5. Maharani Temple: 

    The Maharani Temple is a beautiful temple that sits on a small hill. It was constructed a long time ago by way of a queen, and it’s an exceptional place to go to, especially throughout the Shivaratri pageant. From right here, you can see the whole valley and enjoy the non-violent surroundings.

    6. Shrine of Baba Reshi:

    The Shrine of Baba Reshi is a special place in which human beings visit to pray and are searching for benefits. It was built in honor of a wise guy named Baba Reshi. This vicinity is surrounded by green lawns and has a big marketplace in which you could buy scrumptious local meals.

    7. St. Mary’s Church:

    St. Mary’s Church is a small, beautiful church near the golf course. constructed more than one hundred years ago, it seems like a tiny house from a fairy tale, mainly in winter when it’s covered in snow. At night, the church lights up with colorful lighting fixtures, making it look magical.

    8. Tangmarg: 

    Before you attain Gulmarg, you may bypass a captivating area called Tangmarg. This metropolis is well-known for its pear trees and a lovely waterfall referred to as Drug Waterfall. The waterfall looks great while it freezes in wintry weather, turning into a massive ice sculpture.

    9. Ningle Nallah:

    Ningle Nallah is a lovely river that flows via the valley. It’s surrounded by tall mountains and green fields, making it a perfect spot for picnics and camping. You can sit down by means of the move, play inside the water, and have a laugh day together with your family.

    10. Khilanmarg: 

    Khilanmarg is a small valley near Gulmarg, best for journey fans. It’s an extraordinary area for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. The valley is filled with wildflowers, and you can see tall mountains like Nanga Parbat from here.

    Some Geographical Facts about Gulmarg 

    • Snow sports activities: Gulmarg is famous for skiing and snowboarding. Humans from everywhere in the world come here to experience the snow.
    • High Altitude: The Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable motors in the world.
    • Historical locations: Many places in Gulmarg have thrilling testimonies from records, just like the Maharani Temple and St. Mary’s Church.

    Tips For Trip to Gulmarg:

    • If traveling in ice, make certain your vehicle is equipped for snowy situations and test climate forecasts to avoid journey disruptions.
    • Pre-book accommodation and transportation at some stage in the top seasons (summer and winter) to Keep away from final-minute hassles.
    • Put on appropriate garb in step with the season: mild woolens for summer evenings and heavy woolens for winter.
    • Must- carry  critical medications and private materials because the availability of a few objects may be limited in Gulmarg.

    The best time to visit Gulmarg

    Summer season (April to June):

    The most popular time to go to Gulmarg is at some stage in the summer months, from April to June. During this period, the weather is mild and fine with temperatures starting from thirteen°C to 29°Fifty-five°F to 84°F). That is the proper time for sightseeing, trekking, and taking part in the lush greenmeadows, which are filled with colorful plants. The famous Gulmarg Gondola, One of the highest cable vehicles in the world, operates easily, presenting breathtaking perspectives of the encircling mountains and valleys.

    Spring Season: (September to October):

    Spring is likewise a very good time to go, as the The monsoon season has ended, leaving the landscape refreshed and green. The weather stays best, and the visitor crowd is tremendously low, making it a superb time for those who prefer a quieter experience.

    Winter season (December to February):

    For snow fanatics, the winter months from December to February are ideal. Gulmarg transforms right into a wintry weather wonderland, enclosed in a thick blanket of snow. Temperatures can drop below freezing, ranging from -4°C to 11°C (25°F to 52°F). This era is good for skiing, as Gulmarg is renowned for its exquisite slopes and powdery snow. The city also hosts several winter sports events and galas for the duration of this time.

    How to Reach Gulmarg

    • By air:
      The closest airport to Gulmarg is Sheikh Ul-Alam Worldwide Airport (SXR) in Srinagar, which is properly linked to essential cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. From the airport, you could hire a taxi or take a bus to Gulmarg.
    • By Road:
      The journey from Srinagar to Gulmarg covers about 50 kilometers (31 miles) and generally takes around 2 hours via automobile or bus. The direction is scenic, passing through fascinating villages, dense forests, and rolling hills. Hiring a taxi is a handy option, providing flexibility and comfort. Buses and shared taxis are also to be had from Srinagar's principal bus station and are a more economical choice.
    • By Train:
      The closest primary railway station is Jammu Tawi, which is about 290 kilometers (a hundred and eighty miles) from Gulmarg. From Jammu Tawi, you may take a taxi or bus to Srinagar and then continue to Gulmarg. Instead, you may take a train to Udhampur, which's in the direction of Srinagar, after which you can continue your journey by means of avenue.


    Here this blog lists the best ten locations to visit in Gulmarg, each of which offers a unique experience ranging from spirituality and cultural immersion to daring expeditions. Whether you are a lover of the outdoors, an adventurer, or someone looking for inner calm, Gulmarg extends a warm welcome to you and promises relaxation so that the experiences you make will last a lifetime. 

    So gather your belongings, and let's get ready to set out on this incredible journey with Capture A Trip, a reputable tour operator that lets you realize your desire of delving deeper into the hills and allowing the allure of Gulmarg to enchant you.

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