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    Places To Stay In Yercaud

    Places To Stay In Yercaud

    Jul 02, 2024

    Yercaud is located in the Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu: the picturesque view of rocks, cool climate and the lush green forests attract the tourists. Whether one is planning a sole purpose of vacationing or one that incorporates several activities, it is very important to ensure that the mode of accommodation is catered well. In Yercaud, one can find all forms of accommodation right from the five star to the home stay facility to suit the budget and taste of the tourists.

    Well here we are, with a curated list of some of the best places to stay in Yercaud, ensuring you have a memorable vacation hassle free.

    Top 5 Places to stay in Yercaud

    1. Royal Grand Palace Hotel & Spa: 

    Grand Palace Hotel & Spa is all about luxury and comfort nestled in the beautiful hills. This resort has large sized rooms, a reviving spa, a pool and delicious food and it also provides the guests with a view of the large valley. Best suitable for those coming with their partners or kids or simply those who want to have it all.

    2. Sterling Yercaud: 

    Sterling Yercaud is famous for the atmosphere peculiar to this resort, and the picturesque views of the Yercaud Lake. The resort provides comfortable accommodation, a restaurant with national and worldwide cuisine dishes, main indoor and field facilities. Ideal for nature lovers as well as traveI lovers.

    3. The Lake Forest Hotel: 

    For those who are interested in Colonial style accommodation amidst coffee plants, there is the Lake Forest Hotel. The heritage property includes furniture and interior design of the rooms as well as an exterior in the form of gardens that depict a calm and luxurious image. That makes it suitable for anyone who is just passing through and needs a quiet place without much of the madness of the city.

    4. TGI Star Holidays: 

    TGI Star Holidays is more of accommodation, which aims to provide more of comfort with low prices thus can be aptly described as a budget accommodation. Located near the Yercaud Lake, the resort provides comfortable staying options, dining in the onsite restaurant and proximity to tourist attractions. Ideal for families that want to have a taste of what Yercaud has to offer in terms of nature while keeping all the comforts at arm’s reach.

    5. Grange Resort:

    Located in front of sprawling coffee estates, Grange Resort provides basic cottages with all comforts. They can relax by the pool or set out on a trek or bird watching expedition for a closer look into the lap of nature. This resort emphasizes itself for bird watching and providing perfect spots for those who are interested in Yercaud biodiversity. 

    Explore Yercaud: A heaven especially to the lovers of nature.

    Apart from natural beauty and tourist attractions like boating, cycling, horse-riding etc Yercaud offers the best of hotel and resort stays. Trekkers can start off to the different routes to thematic points for viewing such as Lady’s Seat, which provide enchanting views of the valley in a veil of mist. 

    Boating facilities are available for adventure lovers to enjoy a calm boat ride in the beautiful and calm Yercaud Lake. A drive through the 32-km Loop Road is a sure way of getting an insight of cultures practiced in the region through a drive through coffee plantations, spice gardens and rich cultural villages where craft making skills dominantly practiced.

    Why Consider Going to Yercaud for a Vacation?

    This is in addition to the beautiful sceneries that will enthrall you when you get to Yercaud whether you are an adventurer, couple, family or a lone traveler. Here tourists can go for boating in Yercaud Lake, and discover beautiful sightseeing spots such as the Lady’s Seat and the Pagoda Point. 

    Tasty coffee, spices, plantations, and gardens help to grasp the town’s agricultural background, local markets are full of handmade souvenirs. Tourists having an adrenaline rush can try hiking through forests and visit waterfalls including Kiliyur Falls where tourists are likely to have causal experiences.

    1. Local Cuisine and Delights

    Not only natural beauty Yercaud provides food to eyes but also to the taste buds with local foods. Another area is famous for spicy cuisine of South India with the use of spices and fresh products. You should not leave Yercaud without having the filter coffee that is prepared using the coffee grown in the plantations of Yercaud. In order to taste something special, and to explore the local flavor, one can visit local markets where local people sell homemade chocolates, honey and preserves which can be carried back home from Yercaud.

    2. Activities and Adventures

    Apart from leisure and tourism, there are many things to do in Yercaud that would make your vacation fun-filled. Adventure lovers can go trekking to places such as Servarayan Temple located on the highest peak of Yercaud and then enjoy the beauty of Eastern Ghats. These include biking through narrowing roads with green vegetation or horse riding through pathways as a way of discovering the hill station’s natural face.

    3. Culture and Heritage

    The cultural heritage may be explored by touring through the temples and historical monuments found in that town, Yercaud. The ancient Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple is one of the top pilgrimage and tourism sites for its spiritual importance as well as aesthetic beauty.

    4. Wellness and Relaxation

    Yercaud is perhaps one of the best places for those who are looking for a rejuvenation along with natural beauty. Relax in Yoga classes conducted early in the morning with a view of the hills being engulfed by mist or take a body massage or body treatment in some of the Ayurveda treatment centers or spa that are available in the many resorts. The atmosphere of Yercaud is more or less therapeutic thus making it an ideal place to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


    Yercaud for example can be seen as a unique destination that is not only green, but also is an adventure, cultural and recreation destination rolled into one. When deciding on the accommodations in Yercaud or when drawing up the perfect schedule to plan all the appealing activities and delicious dishes, every time spent in this beautiful hill station is always an incredible experience. 

    Yercaud provided a means to find renewed solitude and adopt a more calm and submissive attitude, completely enveloping oneself in the native customs of the place, as well as making a new exciting tour reminiscing of which, one wishes to visit the place again.

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