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    Things To Do In France

    Things To Do In France

    Jun 18, 2024

    France needs to be at the heart of your trip checklist if you're searching for a combination of adventure and enjoyment. Though croissants and the Eiffel Tower are quite fantastic, this country is much more than that. From history enthusiasts to foodies to thrill-seekers, France is like the greatest playground for all of them. Every type of traveler can discover something to suit their interests, from exhilarating outdoor experiences to unique hidden treasures. 

    Imagine swimming in the Mediterranean's blue waves, zip-lining over beautiful vineyards, or seeing historic castles that look like something from a fairy tale. The thrilling experience of surfing the famous waves of the Atlantic coast or skiing down the French Alps should also not be forgotten. France is all about those life-changing moments that take your Instagram feed to the level of awe and add sparkle.

    It's not all about the big thrills, though. France also has this amazing habit of catching you off guard with small experiences. Picture yourself on a bicycle ride through the Provence lavender fields, lost in a medieval village's picturesque alleyways, or perhaps attending a local festival that morphs into an all-night dance party. There are a plethora of things to do in France. 

    French Escapades: Top 10 Activities for Your Bucket List

    1. Try your hands in skydiving at Cannes
    2. Have a lavish cruise ride
    3. Experience serendipity at Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel
    4. Watch the sunset on the horizon at Eiffel Tower
    5. Discover the exquisite architecture at Cathédrale de Chartres
    6. Travel back to the bygone era at Château de Versailles
    7. Make a mandatory stop at The Musee du Louvre
    8. Plan a trip to one of the largest monuments in the world - Arc de Triomphe
    9. Have fun skiing the Vallée Blanche
    10. Explore Gouffre de Padirac

    Try your hands in skydiving at Cannes: 

    When it comes to experiencing the greatest adrenaline adventure activities in France, skydiving is the best option. Skydiving, one of Cannes' most well-known attractions and a very popular tourist activity, is usually not for the faint of heart. Not only can one admire the French Alps, but they can also see the stunning side of Lake Saint-Cassien. What's the hold-up then? Put on your swimsuit and take the leap to see the breathtaking French Alps.

    Have a lavish cruise ride: 

    Taking a Seine River Cruise is one of the best things to do when vacationing in France and is highly recommended by travelers seeking an exciting French trip. Considered to be among the best sights in Paris, you could take a leisurely cruise here and see the intriguing Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde, and other must-see sites along the trip. Travelers say it's worth attempting to have a romantic evening or a pleasant lunch on the ship with your significant other. Which is even more reason to check out one of France's top attractions?

    Experience serendipity at Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel: 

    Here's the thing: France isn't always a country of thrill seekers and party animals. There is a location that is very significant to Christians all throughout the world. Since the 11th century, visits to the Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel have been an important activity. Today, tourists to France can continue this tradition for a genuine spiritual encounter. This is one of the best things to do in France; to get here, stroll along the beach of the Bay of Saint-Michel during low tide.

    Watch the sunset on the horizon at Eiffel Tower: 

    A trip to the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular activities in Paris, France, and is something that no tourist could reasonably afford to miss while on vacation. Coming here to watch the sunset is a very other experience, even if visiting the location is delightful at any time of day. Every level of the tower provides an absolutely breathtaking perspective of the Parisian sunset, and the soft sunlight at this time of day creates an ethereal appearance. The lighting on the tower's deck is fascinating since it improves the scene's overall beauty.

    Discover the exquisite architecture at Cathédrale de Chartres: 

    The stunning Cathédrale de Chartres is a pinnacle with amazing sculptures and stained glass windows from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The cathedral was included to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979 after surviving the town of Chartres' devastation. It is a must-see location in Paris and a marvel of French architecture. When it comes to having the time of their life, what more could one possibly ask for? Pack your luggage and see the wonders of French architecture. When it comes to learning about French architecture and art, what more could one want? When it comes to having the time of their life, what more could one possibly ask for? When learning about architecture, what more could one wish for?

    Travel back to the bygone era at Château de Versailles: 

    Travelers should absolutely think about taking in the Royal Serenade at Château de Versailles, which is unquestionably one of the greatest historical experiences in France. The show provides a window into France's past age. Views of the rich royal court and the lives of French nobility are available. Travelers should definitely visit this location since it offers a wealth of experiences, including the finest of 17th-century court life and Baroque music and dance.

    Make a mandatory stop at The Musee du Louvre: 

    The Musee du Louvre in Paris is only one of the numerous destinations in Europe. Its entryway dates back to 1793, and it houses approximately 35,000 pieces of art, making it one of the top art museums in the world. Visitors will find a variety of artwork from different eras and civilizations. From the ancient Greek sculptures to the Egyptian mummy tombs, it contains everything a person might ever want to see. Among the classics on display in the museum are "Liberty of Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix, "The Raft of Medusa" by Théodore Géricault, and "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci. Furthermore to the artworks, one gets to see Napoleon III's former quarters. 

    Plan a trip to one of the largest monuments in the world: 

    Arc de Triomphe, one of the largest monuments in the world and a symbol of both old and new Paris, provides an incredible background for the urban ensemble. The place's triumphal archway, which honors Napoleon I, who hired Jean Chalgrin to create it, is best viewed around September. The sculpture reliefs that adorn the pillars on either side are a testament to the sensitivity of French art. Napoleon's conquests and the names of more than 660 army generals who participated in the French Revolution are inscribed on the arch. One of the most magnificent monuments that visitors to France shouldn't miss is this one. It's the one location that people can brag to their friends about. 

    Have fun skiing the Vallée Blanche: 

    Among the most amazing things that people should do is ski the Vallée Blanche. People may take in the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, including snow and glaciers, while skiing. Every adventurer should put it on their list of things to accomplish since it is a fantasy they have been dying to fulfill. Along with adding to the excitement, European beaches provide a day's worth of beach time. When it comes to having the time of their life, what more could a person possibly want? In case you're an adventure seeker, skiing is the perfect activity for you.

    Explore Gouffre de Padirac: 

    Do you know anything about the Gouffre de Padirac? You have no clue what you're missing out on if you haven't. The famous French cave explorer Edouard Martel found the Gouffre de Padirac, the widest crevasse in Europe. When it opened to the public in 1899, millions of visitors from all over the world came to take in the natural marvel. As it leads to a limestone cave system, people have started referring to it as the "devil's hole" over time. This is only one of the numerous things you should do if you are planning a trip to France. When it comes to soaking in the most stunning sights, what more is there to ask for?


    France has everything, whether you're looking for adrenaline in the Alps, relaxing in the Mediterranean, or uncovering undiscovered treasures in charming towns. It's more than simply a place to go; it's a way of life, a feeling, and an endless experience that awaits you.

    So prepare to create lifelong memories by packing your luggage, grabbing your closest friends, and getting going. France is calling, and it's time to respond with anything from exhilarating activities to laid-back, Instagram-worthy moments. Live it, don't simply fantasize about it! 

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