Things to do in Bhutan

    Things To Do in Bhutan

    May 25, 2024

    Every year, hundreds of enthusiasts and solo tourists, as well as families and friends, come to see the attractive neighboring nation of India. Bhutan is a wonderful destination that is remarkable on Earth in that there are very few traces of commercialization. And the main reason for this is because tourists will never run out of things to do and places to see in Bhutan.

    You can invest a lot of time in Bhutan trip trekking to breathtaking mountains, discovering thriving communities, meditating within relaxing monasteries, and discovering the dzongs' rich history. Travelers are drawn to the happiest nation on earth by the beautiful surroundings, historic monasteries, welcoming gatherings, and kind people of Bhutan.

    Are you prepared to do the best things Bhutan has to offer? So let's get started!

    15 Top Things to Do in Bhutan

    1. Dive into the history of Bhutan at Trongsa Dzong
    2. Make a visit to the Switzerland of the East
    3. Trek all the way to Taktshang Goemba
    4. Plan a leisurely stroll to Trashiyangtse
    5. Visit Punakha and Simtokha Dzong  to witness ancient art of Bhutan in all its glory
    6. Relish the Bhutanese foods
    7. Try your hands in the country's national sport - Archery
    8. When in Bhutan shop your heart
    9. Enjoy River Rafting in Bhutan
    10. Go Bird Watching
    11. Visit the Suspension Bridge
    12. Have an adventurous mountain biking experience abroad
    13. Dive in Hot Springs for spiritual healing
    14. Set a camp and enjoy the night sky
    15. Start a soul-searching journey

    Dive into the history of Bhutan at Trongsa Dzong:

    The Royal Family's ancestral house, Trongsa Dzong, is one of the top tourist destinations in Bhutan if you love discovering ancient monuments. Constructed around 463 years back, during the rule of Trongsa Penlop Chogyal Minjur Tempa, the fortress has an excellent site with a view of the Mangde River. It has also seen several significant occasions that have influenced the history of the country. Don't forget to visit the museum housed in the watchtower and the 24 chapels of Trongsa Dzong while you stroll around. You can catch stories of ancient times from the stone staircases, lovely courtyards, and passageways that resemble streets.

    Make a visit to the Switzerland of the East:

    Taking the Bumthang Cultural Trek is one of the greatest ways to experience Bhutan and learn a lot more than just the stunning Bumthang Valley. Views of the monasteries, temples, and charming towns can all be seen from the cultural trip. An additional attraction in Bumthang lost in time is Ura Valley. There are charming villages with homes grouped together, sheep pastures, and potato farms. You can do a picture walk in a valley like this one. Apart from the stunning scenery and mountains, Bumthang Valley is rich with some of Bhutan's oldest Buddhist temples. Both the birthplace of saint Pema Lingpa and the site of the first introduction of Buddhism are Bumthang.

    Trek all the way to Taktsang Goemba:

    Known as the Tiger's Nest, the walk to Taktsang monastery in Paro is one of the top adventurous activities in Bhutan. The monastery was reconstructed in 1998 following its destruction by fire. With its steep, wandering trail up to 9,480 feet above the earth, it presents a challenge to trekkers. The single rest stop along the route, Taktsang Cafeteria, serves delicious vegetarian Bhutanese cuisine. Throughout the trip, you'll be accompanied by the peaceful chants, the sight of Paro Valley, the rattling sounds of prayer wheels, and the colorful prayer flags. The monastery shuts at 1:00 pm, so make sure to start your hike early.

    Plan a leisurely stroll to Trashiyangtse: 

    A trip to Trashiyangtse will be, to put it simply, fun if you find nature mesmerizing. It was originally created as a distinct district in 1992 from the Trashigang district and is located in the center of a tiny river valley, giving it the perfect location for leisurely strolls around the countryside. Exploring Chorten Kora, one of the most significant stupas in Bhutan, which is located in Trashiyangtse near to the Kulong Chu River, is another of the top things to do. A hike to wood carving studios, monasteries, paper workshops, and natural reserves can all be started from Trashiyangtse. Black-necked Cranes, which migrate from Tibet in the winter, are sometimes seen in Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a considerable walk away if you're interested in bird watching nearby. Furthermore, Bumdeling is a perfect place for woodwork.

    Visit Punakha and Simtokha Dzong  to witness ancient art of Bhutan in all its glory:

    Bhutan puts a high priority on maintaining its culture, which includes a significant amount of art. Bhutanese art sticks to a unified style and is influenced by their religion. The craftworks place more of the spotlight on tradition than on innovation. Their art and craft are what make their culture so important. You must visit the several dzongs in the kingdom, such as Punakha Dzong and Simtokha Dzong, if you wish to see the exquisite artwork and craftsmanship. For all art lovers, a do-it-yourself art and craft trip is one of the greatest things to do in Bhutan.

    Relish the Bhutanese foods: 

    Honestly speaking, when we think about Bhutan, we picture a variety of non-vegetarian meals served in quaint little cafés. Although there are many different kinds of non-vegetarian food available, vegetarians also have an abundance of choices. Take datshi, which is a staple meal for the inhabitants of Bhutan. There are other ways to make datshi, but Ema Datshi is the most well-known. Ema Datshi is prepared with cheese, veggies, pepper, and chilies. Ema signifies chili. The greatest places to taste the many textures and flavors of Bhutanese cuisine are at the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant (Thimphu), Zombala, Bukhari at Uma by COMO (Paro), Ambient Cafe (Thimphu), Galingkha (Thimphu), and Chig-ja-gye at Taj Tashi (Thimphu).

    Try your hands in the country's national sport - Archery: 

    One of the greatest things to do in Bhutan is to see the archery tournaments, which are both the country's national sport and one of the biggest tourist draws. Traveling around Bhutan's roads and alleys, you'll come across vibrant groups of men shooting arrows in unison while dressed in traditional clothing. Many people attend this social event because of the archery tournaments, which are held between amateur teams and cities and villages. It provides an amazing window into their culture.

    When in Bhutan shop your heart: 

    The main avenue in the city, Norzin Lam, is lined with stores, cafés, hotels, and kiosks. It's among Bhutan's greatest locations for shopping. Everything is available, including handcrafted papers and boots with embroidery. A few of the best stuff to purchase in Bhutan are hardwood goods, hand-woven bamboo items, colorful masks, jewelry, carpets, and silver. For travelers, adventurers, and photographers, the bustling market provides an amazing backdrop for photographs.

    Enjoy River Rafting in Bhutan: 

    In Bhutan, rafting is a fun experience that involves floating down a river, unlike typical river rafting in strong currents. You will be in awe of Bhutan's luxuriant vegetation, exotic birds, bright sky, and azure lakes. Because of the increased water flow, this task is best done after the monsoon season. So you could arrange a trip for October or November.

    Go Bird Watching: 

    One of the absolute most appreciated activities in Bhutan is bird watching, as the country is a birder's paradise. Numerous bird species can possibly be found in the nation, such as the Ward's Trogon, Black-necked Crane, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Himalayan Monal, and Snow Pigeon. Watching birds grow their vibrant, silky wings as they soar across the sky and listening to their melodies is a sight to behold. Numerous tour operators are on hand to take you on a bird-watching adventure throughout the sanctuaries. Some of the protected sites in Bhutan that are home to endangered and migrating birds are Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Jigme Dorji National Park, Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Adjoining India's World Heritage, and Thrumshingla National Parks.

    Visit the Suspension Bridge: 

    You can witness the beautiful architecture of one of Bhutan's longest suspension bridges close to Punakha Dzong. Any lover of the outdoors will find the suspension bridge's whole location, surrounded by the Bhutanese Himalayas, to be appealing. You'll be shocked to learn that, despite being so long, the bridge does not tremble in the slightest. Also it makes the perfect spot for insta worthy photographs. 

    Have an adventurous mountain biking experience abroad: 

    The existence of mountains and valleys with properly maintained roadways is a blessing for Bhutan. That being said, mountain biking stands as the most popular option for adventurous activities in Bhutan. Do make sure you have a guide with you if you choose to ride alone. As a group, you need to be more informed about motorcycling abroad. In all honesty, mountain riding in Bhutan is an incredible experience that will allow you to discover the highest points of this enchanted land, catch a glimpse of the flora and animals, and take in the delectable regional food. The Punakha Valley, Phobjikha Valley, Khotokha Valley, Dobji Dzong, and many more are fantastic locations for motorcycling.

    Dive in Hot Springs for spiritual healing: 

    The people have been turning to the hot springs as a popular health therapy option for decades. As a result, you as a visitor could gain benefit from this therapy for a spiritual renewal. These hot springs, known locally as Tshachus, have therapeutic qualities that help treat conditions including body pains and arthritis. In the winter, citizens have a well-known custom of taking hot spring dives. While visiting these hot springs is absolutely one of the best things to do in Bhutan, you should make sure you have done your homework and are comfortable with the natural healing methods. Some of Bhutan's hot springs, such those at Gasa Tshachu, Dhur Tshachu, Chuboog Tshachu, and others along riverbanks, provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

    Set a camp and enjoy the night sky: 

    It is understandable why Bhutan is one of the most charming, tranquil, and stunning places on earth. Because such, camping is among the greatest things to do in Bhutan to experience the surrounding landscape, with a variety of places. Picture yourself enjoying a meal, local music, and a bonfire as the sun sets, with your special someone at your side. While camping in Bhutan, you can also indulge in kayaking and fishing on the beautiful rivers that flow through the area. The best places to experience all the joys of camping in Bhutan are the Gangtey Valley, Phobjikha Falls, Punakha, Limukha, Tingtibi, and Bumthang Valley. So where are you going to set up a tent, given these extremely favorable locations?

    Start a soul-searching journey: 

    Located in Bhutan's Paro area, the Rinpung Dzong is a huge Buddhist monastery and stronghold. This Dzong is the ideal spot to be if you're wondering what to do in Bhutan. The Dzong, which was constructed in 1646, literally translates to "the Fortress on a heap of Jewels." You are struck with a strong feeling of spirituality by the opulent, harmonious, and graceful building that looks out over the Paro Valley.

    The holy Thogdel, the prayer hall with its magnificent paintings, the complex wooden wall patterns, and the expansive views of the Paro valley are just a few of the stunning sights to behold at the Dzong. The valley features several Dzongs and a lovely town, so you should budget at least three days there.


    A very unique and fulfilling experience could possibly be have by traveling to Bhutan. It has a wealth of cultural heritage and beautiful scenery, making it a wonderful destination for travelers to explore and enjoy. Bhutan offers an abundance of remarkable experiences, whether you choose to hike along breathtaking mountain paths, explore historic monasteries, or take part in cultural celebrations. Be open-minded and prepared to enjoy the peace and beauty that this amazing nation has to offer when you make travel arrangements. Happy travels!


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