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    Things To Do In Amsterdam

    Things To Do In Amsterdam

    Jun 26, 2024

    For good reason, Amsterdam ranks as the world's most popular travel destination. Amsterdam is a true fantasy, with its famous canals, century-old townhouses, cobblestone roads, and gorgeous bridges covered in flowers. The city oozes charm in abundance and is as charming as a postcard. Furthermore to its cultural offerings, the Dutch capital boasts stylish stores, lovely parks, and top-notch museums; all you have to do is narrow it down to what interests you. It's possible to enjoy and experience a lot of fun things to do in Amsterdam on a budget that won't be too tight for you.

    Because Amsterdam is an expensive city, it's easy for money to disappear from your pockets. However, there are many more alternatives available if you know where to search! Our list of the top fun things to do in Amsterdam includes everything from touring the well-known museums to strolling around the vibrant flower market and cruising the city.

    Amsterdam on a Budget: Top Things to Do Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

    1. Take a leisurely stroll down the Amsterdam Flower Market
    2. Plan a boat ride at Canal’s Ring
    3. Have a deep insight on Cannabis at Cannabis College
    4. Centrale Bibliotheek calls all the bibliophiles
    5. Stop by Red-Light District
    6. Try skating as a new hobby
    7. Have a birdseye's view of Amsterdam from the NEMO Scientific Center
    8. Rent a ferry and go sunset spotting
    9. Make a stop at Rijksmuseum for solitude
    10. Have fun while riding a bicycle
    11. Plan a visit to Vincent van Gogh Museum
    12. Visit Anne Frank House for insights on bygone eras

    Take a leisurely stroll down the Amsterdam Flower Market: 

    Do you love roses? How about giving love more color? Take a leisurely stroll down the Amsterdam Flower Market, observing everything from purple lilies to yellow daffodils. The Bloemen Market, often known as the Flower Market, is the only floating flower market in the world. It is situated on the Singel Canal, between the Muntplein and the Koningsplein. The flower market is the most aromatic location in Amsterdam, regardless of the season you come. Go ahead and smell all you want at the flower market, and if you can't resist, take out your money and buy an arrangement of flowers for your special someone. It is best to come with a few euros when you are here.

    Plan a boat ride at Canal’s Ring: 

    A UNESCO World Heritage destination, the Canal Ring is a must-see while visiting Amsterdam. Among the primary attractions are the 400-year-old rivers, which are worth seeing since they give off calmness and peacefulness. While browsing the beer cafés and ethnic eateries around the canals, who wouldn't want to view the Dutch bridges and canals? Choosing to take a trip by the serene canals or rent a boat and cruise over them is as captivating.

    Have a deep insight on Cannabis at Cannabis College: 

    Are you curious about the herb that is popular in Amsterdam? Now that you are in Amsterdam, make your way to Cannabis College. This non-profit organization, which is located in the Red-Light District, is more concerned with educating people about cannabis while also showcasing an indoor cannabis garden. It is not quite a school.

    What's superior than that? The location is completely open for anyone to enter, yet visitors who would like to offer helpful and accurate information on the plant and its characteristics are asked to make a little gift. Discover the proper way to handle shops, test out a vaporizer, look at the displays of bongs, and more at the renowned Cannabis College.

    Centrale Bibliotheek calls all the bibliophiles: 

    The Centrale Bibliotheek, also known as the Central Branch of the Amsterdam Public Library, is the largest library in the Netherlands and offers comfortable spaces for reading and relaxing with a book, magazine, or newspaper. Over 1.5 million books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and other items are housed in this seven-story haven for book lovers. Don't forget to visit the OBA theater on the seventh level. Enjoy a dinner at the eatery with a breathtaking view of the city.

    Stop by Red-Light District: 

    Amsterdam's Red-Light District is famous for its coffee cafes and window-based brothels. The area, which is the town's oldest, is dotted with sex stores that sell a wide variety of sex toys. As you walk around the red-light area, even as a window shopper, indulge your curiosity. Remember to have a look around the strip clubs.

    Try skating as a new hobby: 

    For a specific set of skaters, Friday nights in Amsterdam signify one thing: skating! People from all over the world gather in Vondelpark (next to the entrance of Roemer Visscherstraat), as has been a tradition since 1997. This is a fantastic, effortless method of burning calories every Friday night! The group skates start at 8:30 p.m., however you should bring your own skates for the activity. You can also seek out the other exciting events taking place in the area.

    Have a Birdseye's view of Amsterdam from the NEMO Scientific Center:  

    Many of Amsterdam's attractions are too complex to see in a single visit. There are a few locations where you may fulfill your desire to see the entire city for nothing. It is so easy; simply head to the following sites and make your way to the panoramic.

    The NEMO Scientific Center: Visiting the scientific center's Panorama terrace is at no fee. However, you will need to purchase tickets for the same if you want to access the museum. You can ascend the stairs on the east side of the structure to reach the observation point, which is 22 meters high.

    Rent a ferry and go sunset spotting: 

    If you don't take a ferry to visit your favorite spots in the city, your trip to Amsterdam is undoubtedly incomplete. The best thing is that there are several ferry routes to choose from, and it's entirely for nothing! There isn't a better option than taking a cruise if you are on a tight budget but yet want to make the most of your trip. You will be able to get from one end of the city to the other by sailing over the IJ River.

    Make a stop at Rijksmuseum for solitude: 

    The Rijksmuseum, like every other museum in Amsterdam, always has something interesting as well as complimentary for visitors to look forward to. The Rijksmuseum Garden is at ease to enter and provides a peaceful environment for taking in the beauty of nature. Take an open-air tour around this breathtaking gallery with flowerbeds, garden seats, a summerhouse, fountains, a kids' playground, and much more! Put it on your bucket list if you're looking for a serene, interesting, and easy destination to spend some time with loved ones in the great outdoors.

    Have fun while riding a bicycle: 

    The Netherlands is a nation of cyclists. With 17 million people living there, there are more than 23 million bicycles! Renting a bike in Amsterdam allows you to explore the city more easily and adventurously. The Jordaan area is a great place to ride a bike and is quite beautiful! There are, nevertheless, certain guidelines for bicycling in Amsterdam. Use the bike lanes, be aware of the tram tracks, always provide space to others, and lock your bike.

    Plan a visit to Vincent van Gogh Museum: 

    Vincent van Gogh is undoubtedly one of the most important Dutch artists of all time. This painter has inspired a lot of people with his quirky style. You can check out some of his works in person at the Van Gogh Museum. The life of one of the most significant painters The Netherlands has ever seen, Vincent van Gogh, is honored at this museum. Admire the largest collection of the artist who severed his ear in the world. Find more about his life, his inspirations, and how he came to be recognized as the icon that he is.

    Visit Anne Frank House for insights on bygone eras: 

    The atrocities of World War II left a profound effect on the recent history of the Netherlands. There used to be a sizable Jewish community in Amsterdam. The Anne Frank House preserves the legacy of Anne Frank. It's important to preserve this tale in the hopes that, at last, mankind will take lessons from its history. Let us never treat any demographic group unfairly or exclude them from society. The actual house where Anne Frank penned her famous diary is known as the Anne Frank House. Her journal recounts the horrors of World War II as seen through the eyes of a little Jewish girl who was raised in seclusion from the outside world. A sad yet intriguing tale.


    From its charming canals to its exciting nightlife, Amsterdam is a great city with plenty to offer. Amsterdam has an area for everyone, whether you're a history buff, art collector, foodie, or just trying to have fun. You can dive deeply into history and art by visiting the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank House, while the vibrant flowers of Keukenhof and the energetic atmosphere of Dam Square showcase the vibrant essence of the city.

    Take a leisurely boat cruise to observe the city from a different perspective, or enjoy a bike ride through the picturesque streets. Markets in Amsterdam, such as Albert Cuyp and Bloemenmarkt, are great places to get interesting mementos or a fast bite.

    Amsterdam's finest feature is its seamless fusion of contemporary design and old-world charm. In this city, you can enjoy your days buried in history and your evenings having a great time at some of the coolest pubs and clubs. So, gather your belongings and get ready to make treasured experiences in this wonderful city. With arms wide open and countless experiences ahead, Amsterdam awaits you!


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