Things to do in Bali

    Things To Do in Bali

    Apr 23, 2024

    Enjoy your island getaway to the fullest by engaging in these fantastic Bali activities, which range from temple exploration and Seminyak shopping to beach club hopping and waterfall diving!

    It's simple to understand why Bali is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Bali is a traveler's paradise with its beautifully maintained beaches, vibrant culture, top-notch restaurants, and fantastic family attractions in every neighborhood. There is truly something for everyone on the island, whether your preference is for a sun-drenched beach escape, a soothing spa break, an off-the-beaten-path adventure, or just to dine, shop, and enjoy wine your way around the island. The excellent update, next? To offer you the latest and greatest of the best, there are various well-curated Bali Tour Packages for you, we've tried and tested everything. So be sure you cross these off.

    Best Things to Do in Bali

    At the “World’s Best Beach Club,” dance every minute of the day together!

    Finns Beach Club is unmatched, thus we highly recommend spending the whole day at this famous location! There is truly nothing like Finns Beach Club—four pools, three party restaurants, nine bars, seven cooks, daily DJs, live acts, and parties every day of the week. Located on the lively Berawa Beach beachfront, this well-known island getaway offers endless sunbathing on your personal daybed, international cuisine to enjoy with your group, and nine bars (we recommend the swim-up bar!) with specialty drinks overlooking the ocean. Then, when day gives way to night, pick up the pace while the DJs continue to spin long into the night. 

    Engage in close conversation with amiable Sumatran elephants.

    You can feed wandering deer, dine with orangutans, and even wash elephants at the Bali Zoo!

    The first zoological park on the island, Bali Zoo, is a great place to visit if up close and personal animal encounters are part of your ideal vacation experience. More than 500 unusual and exotic creatures will be visible to you, including threatened species like the Komodo Dragon, Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan, and Bali Starling. Additionally, you will encounter families of lemurs, wild deer that you can hand-feed, and—best of all—muddy elephants who will urge you to take a bath! Yes, you are welcome to take in the exciting "Elephant Mud Fun" activity with the elephants at the Bali Zoo. 

    See a play so you can become more cultured

    A trip to Bali would be incomplete without experiencing Indonesia's diverse culture. To get a taste of everything in one evening, there's just one place to go: the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre's Devdan Show. Cleverly titled "Treasure of the Archipelago," this 60-minute spectacular blends Broadway and Cirque du Soleil elements, telling the story of two kids who journey across Indonesia. Discover Indonesia with breathtaking illusions, costumes, traditional dances, puppets, and aerial acrobatics, showcasing locations from Bali and Java to Borneo and Papua. Taking place within the air-conditioned theater three times a week, with comfortable seating and cutting-edge lighting and sound equipment, it's ideal for date nights or even family get-togethers. Just hurry to the website and grab your tickets!

    Take a boat rental and cruise in elegance

    Sail, snorkel, and swim with manta rays for the entire day out on the open ocean!

    Imagine yourself with a luxurious yacht to explore all of this, gorgeous skies, pristine oceans, and emerald green islands everywhere you look. That is indeed bliss! Sailing, snorkeling, swimming with manta rays, and enjoying a memorable day on the deck of a glittering yacht are all perfectly combined in a boat excursion that explores Bali's beaches. We correspond with Day Trip Bali since they offer a whole fleet of recently built boats and yachts, all of which include qualified guides and even a GoPro for those crucial underwater pictures and films. 

    Take in a picture-perfect Bali sunset

    Enjoy a really radiant golden hour by settling into one of Bali's greatest sunset bars. Take a seat at one of Bali's top sunset sites to witness the sky morph into a candy-colored confection for a really glowing golden hour. We advise going with the scenery, whether it is a beach or forest. 

    Follow the waterfalls

    Visiting one of Bali's top waterfalls—which you may swim beneath, jump over, or just enjoy from a distance—is unquestionably a must-do activity on your island bucket list. Because of the natural slope that has developed over time, the Aling-Aling waterfall is our favorite. Put on a life jacket or take hold of a life vest and glide down the slick rocky slopes with joy!

    In Ubud, elevate your heart rate

    Though Ubud is mostly renowned for its nutritious cuisine, calming yoga, and serene forest retreats, thrill-seekers will also find enough to do here. Ayung River white-water rafting down rapids, quad biking in the forests, waterfall jumping, and downhill mountain biking across expansive, open spaces are all possible activities. Take this as a raise to your heart rate!

    Come splashing into Asia's best waterpark!

    See why Waterbom has been named Asia's top waterpark for several years by spending a day there! For an exhilarating day of splishing and splashing, visit Waterbom if you're tired of the beach or the forest. Consistently voted Asia's greatest waterpark, a day spent here is excellent for adults, kids, and families alike! It offers a wide variety of rides, including tandem racing slides, kid-friendly splash pools, and the terrifyingly tall Climax, which lowers you through a vertical trap door—not for the faint of heart! Take a day dive headfirst down the Twin Racers, jet through the Pipeline, then descend the Boomerang before slowing down.

    Visit one of the top beach clubs in Bali

    A trip to one of Bali's top beach clubs is not complete without spending time poolside.

    Did you even vacation in Bali if you haven't lazed around on a white sand beach, sipping a fancy drink and dipping your toes into a sparkling infinity pool? Every Bali traveler's wish list must include wiling away a sunny day (and night) at one of the top beach clubs on the island; all you have to do is show up there, switch off your phone, and relax.

    Check out a traditional temple

    At dusk, the Ulun Beratan temple in Bedugul is incredibly beautiful. Join the cultural wave and see some of the breathtaking temples in Bali, an island home to a large Hindu population. Pura Tanah Lot, a sea temple that overlooks the ocean from cliffs, is one not to be missed. It is especially beautiful at daybreak or sunset. Our other favorites are the skyscraper Besakih Temple and Ulun Danu Beratan, a floating temple in the center of a lake.

    Dine at a roadside warung like a native does

    Savor a plethora of Bali's signature regional cuisines. A warung is a tiny, independently managed eatery that specializes in serving traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine. You may indulge in an abundance of mouthwatering, genuine food, such as tempe manis, beef rendang, babi guling, and nasi goreng, for just $2. 

    Experience the natural hot springs of Bali

    There are several hot springs in Bali, but our favorites are in the north and northeast. The "Toya Devasya" and "Toya Bungkah Batur" hot springs are located near Mount Batur in the northeast. But Bali's most well-known feature may be its northern hot springs. The holy "Air Panas Banjar" Hot Springs are near Lovina Beach, surrounded by thick vegetation and exquisitely designed tropical gardens. Flowing hot water from volcanic sources pours from the jaws of eight stone-carved dragon heads in three public and one private pools. Pack a swimsuit and be ready to jump in—it's both soothing and picture-perfect.

    Learn expert surfing skills

    Bali offers world-class waves for both novices and experts to surf. Bali is known for its world-class surfing, and many pros visit the island specifically to catch some of the best waves around. The island offers a wide variety of breaks, from pounding barrels in Uluwatu for the experienced to calm white-wash in Kuta, which is ideal for beginners. Select what you want! 

    Swim among amiable dugongs and marine turtles

    Take a snorkel rental and go turtle swimming! We strongly advise renting a snorkel and mask and going sea turtle hunting in Bali, since the island has some of the most breathtaking underwater landscapes and marine life in all of Indonesia! For the best chances of finding Nemo, go to Nusa Penida or up to Tulamben and Amed. Visit Padang Padang and Nusa Dua's surf breaks for a chance to see a friendly dugong. 

    Shop until you drop

    Bali is a fantastic place to buy for anything from furniture to clothing to home goods, bikinis, shoes, cuisine, and bags—the list is endless! For a day of shopping therapy, travel to Seminyak's shops and Canggu's bohemian boutiques, which offer the greatest assortment of western items. On the other hand, get lost in Ubud's quiet alleyways for more traditional pieces and handcrafted masterpieces.

    Enjoy a world of fulfillment at Pura Lempuyang

    With good cause, Pura Lempuyang is referred to as "The Gateway to Heaven"! In addition to offering a breathtaking view from a height of a thousand steps, Pura Lempuyang is regarded as one of Bali's holiest sites. Visit the infamous "Gateway to Heaven" on a clear day to witness the magnificent summit of Mount Agung magnificently framed by the temple gates. Spend the entire day here since there are six more temples to discover in addition to the stunning rice terraces and neighboring waterfalls. 

    Enjoy a Balinese dance

    When visiting Bali, make sure to witness this age-old custom, which is still deeply ingrained in Balinese culture. See the renowned Kecak Dance, which is performed by more than a hundred men encircling a fire, in an amphitheater in the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple. Likewise, visit Ubud for the traditional dances at the Ubud Palace, where stunning Balinese girls dressed in traditional garb hypnotically retell ancient tales with their fingers and eyes.


    In general, Bali provides a multitude of experiences for all kinds of tourists. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this place, from its breathtaking beaches and lively cultural attractions to its thrilling outdoor activities and mouth watering culinary scene. Bali has everything one might want, be it adventure, leisure, or cultural immersion.

    Visit well-known sites like Uluwatu Temple and the luscious rice terraces of Ubud; for the ultimate in leisure, treat yourself to a traditional Balinese massage. Hiking to secret waterfalls or diving in pristine seas are sure to leave a lasting impression on those with an adventurous spirit.

    Not to mention the delectable Balinese food—try local favorites like Nasi Goreng and Babi Guling to get a real sense of the island.

    All things considered, Bali provides a unique and enchanting experience that will entice you to return. So prepare for an amazing adventure in this tropical paradise by packing your luggage!

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