Things To Do in karjat

    Things To Do in karjat

    Jun 06, 2024

    Karjat is an adorable little hill station close to Mumbai. The city's spectacular pure natural beauty and spectacular views have made it immensely popular with travelers. Karjat is a mountainous town with many magnificent caverns, picturesque valleys with a seraphic quality, and several imposing, captivating temples. Just a couple hours' drive from Mumbai, this is a fantastic retreat for thrill-seekers. There are many activities in Karjat that provide visitors with the perfect soul-detox. Because it is home to several impressive and historic temples, the area is also particularly well-liked by hikers and pilgrims. The entire area appears incredibly lovely, energetic, and just wonderful during the monsoon season.

    The charming tiny hill resort outside of Mumbai is quickly gaining popularity as an escape from Pune, Mumbai, and other surrounding cities. In the middle of breathtaking, genuine, paradisiacal scenery, this little hillside hamlet provides some captivating activities, hiking routes, and wonderful locations to visit. The best adventures that can be had at this amazing tiny hill station are listed here.

    Discover Karjat: Top Activities for Nature Lovers and Adventurers

    1. Soak in the beauty of Ulhas Valley
    2. Trek to Sondai Fort
    3. Enjoy the beauty of Kondana Caverns
    4. Pay respect at Koneshwar Temple
    5. Trek all the way to Peth Fort
    6. Plan a road trip to Bhor Ghat
    7. Try rappelling at Bhivpuri Waterfalls
    8. Go crazy with all the water activities
    9. Find peace and solitude at Jain Temple

    Soak in the beauty of Ulhas Valley: 

    The Ulhas Valley overflows with natural wonders. The gorgeous valley is abundantly green and has a wonderful aura. The valley is surrounded by lush, green scenery and has magnificent waterfalls and amazing water streams. Because this interesting valley offers some alluring camping spots right in the middle of nature, travelers also like camping there. Camping here is a fantastic opportunity to experience the beautiful peacefulness that nature has to offer. This is definitely one of the best destinations in Karjat for families to visit.

    Trek to Sondai Fort: 

    Superb trek with breathtaking views of the lush, green surroundings. From the base settlement to the summit, this trip might take around 1.5 to 2 hours. Even those who are new to trekking will find this to be a really enjoyable trek. A breathtaking view of the Changewadi waterfall is one among the trek's many amazing natural features. During the monsoon, the location and the route are really amazing. Karjat railway station is almost 12 kilometers away from Sondai fort. Your vehicles can be parked at the base village. The people in the village are quite kind and will even offer to lead you on your journey.

    Enjoy the beauty of Kondana Caverns: 

    One of Karjat's top tourist destinations is the ancient Buddhist caverns known as Kondana caverns. Known for its enigmatic brilliance and thrilling journey, it surprises visitors with its wonders. This amazing cave, which is perched on hillsides and surrounded by lush, green, and breathtaking scenery, is next to a magnificent waterfall and is home to stunning antique Buddhist statues and stupas. This is a fantastic site to visit if you have children with you, and it's close to the little village of Kondana. Make sure you arrive completely prepared, since seeing the caverns and returning may require the whole of the day.

    Pay respect at Koneshwar Temple: 

    This massive old temple is located close to the river. This Lord Shiva temple is particularly well-liked by tourists because of its beautiful surroundings and calm atmosphere. The stunning temple is nestled between the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The captivating temple is exquisitely carved out of the rocks, and its rocky caverns include an interesting Shivling. The waterfall's water stream is incredibly beautiful and teeming with amazing wildlife. Beautiful fish are often seen in the stream, and many people like giving themselves a fish bath by dipping their feet into it. Kondeshwar Lake, another charming lake with the same name, lies nearby.

    Trek all the way to Peth Fort: 

    Located on a hill, this small fort is amazing. The magnificent hiking track at the fort is its main draw. Although the walk from the base village isn't very long, getting to the peak might take two or three hours. The path is short but quite challenging, so don't expect it to be extremely easy. The beautiful views of the hills and lush woods that this path offers are its greatest feature. The perspectives are breathtaking when viewed from the top of the hills. During the rainy season, the entire region becomes captivating and full of delightful flora. There are rumors that the little fort atop the hill served as a lighthouse in the old times.

    Plan a road trip to Bhor Ghat: 

    Bhor Ghat's roads are very peaceful and blessed with incredibly beautiful scenery. Here, taking a road trip and driving is an immensely captivating and breathtaking experience. Situated close to the Konkan coast, the route to Bhor Ghat includes some really breathtaking hilly portions. Located in a lovely location surrounded by beautiful woodlands, this is an excellent family destination in Karjat.

    Try rappelling at Bhivpuri Waterfalls: 

    Nestled next to the Bhivpuri railway station, this gorgeous waterfall is a beauty of nature. Nestled amidst the finest that nature has to offer in this region of the world, this is also an amazing site for rapplers. The entire atmosphere and the sound of cascading water are enough to make one gasp. It is also possible to take a dip beneath the breathtaking waterfall. It might be enchanting to slide down the waterfall and take a shower beneath it. After your journey, be sure to sample the local vada pav and sip hot tea at the dhabas and restaurants around.

    Go crazy with all the water activities: 

    Karjat becomes a destination for enthusiasts of water sports to completely participate in their favorite pastimes due to its closeness to the Ulhas River. Thus, if the thought of white-water rafting sends chills down your spine, prepare yourself—these rapids will take care of it! Or would you want to have more fun kayaking across serene waterways encircled by the lush Sahyadri mountains? There's always canyoning, which is a choice for people looking for even more thrills. You'll rappel down waterfalls and squeeze through tight gorges to arrive at base camp tired but pleased.

    Find peace and solitude at Jain Temple: 

    For the Jain community, the Jain Temple at Karjat is an incredible place of pilgrimage that is a magnificent and intimidating architectural masterpiece. There are amazing pathways and step climbs up to the temple, offering amazing views. With its amazing sculptures and artifacts, this magnificent temple is truly remarkable. The surroundings of this exquisite location are tranquil and pleasant. This location is ideal for experiencing the tranquility and holiness of the stunning temple.


    Karjat has a large selection of activities that meet a variety of tastes and interests. Karjat has something for everyone, whether you're an adventurer seeking to hike along beautiful paths, a history buff interested in discovering historic forts and caverns, or someone who just wants to relax by a serene river. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the area's beautiful surroundings, stunning waterfalls, and tranquil views are perfect. It's also a perfect weekend escape due to its easy accessibility from Mumbai and Pune. Karjat offers a memorable experience ranging from exhilarating expeditions to serene getaways. Plan your itinerary, gather your belongings, and get ready to discover this little town's treasures. Karjat is ready to provide you with a lovely diversion from the daily grind, guaranteeing fun and fun. 

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