Places To Visit in Karjat

    Places To Visit in Karjat

    Jun 05, 2024

    Known as the "land of tourism," Karjat is a tiny town in Maharashtra. Karjat is the perfect spot if you're searching for a wonderful and picturesque area to go on vacation with your family and friends. With its hills, woods, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, Karjat is well-known for its beautiful natural landscape. Nestled in the Western Ghats' foothills, this charming town has become known for its majestic backdrop and quiet ambience.

    The blooming green vegetation of Bhor Ghat, Nature Retreat farmhouses and homestays rejuvenates your fatigued body and tiresome soul. In this article, we will walk you through in detail the best place to visit in Karjat.

    9 must-visit places in Karjat

    1. Kothaligad Fort
    2. Kondeshwar Temple
    3. Kondana Caves
    4. Bhor Ghat
    5. Bahiri Caves
    6. Blackwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam
    7. ND Studio
    8. Peth Fort
    9. Zenith Waterfall

    Kothaligad Fort: 

    One of the best places to see in Karjat is the Kothaligad Fort. As well as having a temple and a cave, Fort is also extremely unusual in shape. With hills in the background and a beautiful valley all around, the port's backside offers a magnificent perspective. The fact that you can appreciate the beautiful scenery without engaging in a difficult journey is what sets Kothaligad Fort apart. Although you can visit the fort at any time of year, it is best experienced after the monsoon. as there won't be any problems with visibility and the weather will be excellent. Mumbai and Pune are separated by 96 and 126 kilometers, respectively, from Kothaligad Fort. 

    Kondeshwar Temple: 

    Among Sanshi's temples, this one is the most gorgeous. It has a reputation for having an incredible structural design. People come to this lovely and pristine retreat from all around the nation. This historic Shiva temple is well-known for its structure in the Hemadpanthi style. Numerous smaller shrines around the main temple. There are magnificent celebrations on Mahashivratri. The temple's festivities on that day are really something to see. On other days, guests can see the lord whenever they like, as the temple is open from 6am to 6pm

    Kondana Caves: 

    In the little community of Kodana, there lies a mysterious rock structure known as Kondana Caves. At the cave's entrance, magnificent wooden carvings are carved beneath this enigmatic rock structure. Folks with an interest for mythology and history will find the location particularly fascinating. Nonetheless, anybody might be captivated and left in amazement by the location's beauty. Situated directly below the waterfall, the cave is tucked away within the picturesque slopes. The waterfall that partially hides the cave entrance creates an illusion. A moderate hike will be required to get to the cave's entrance. Moreover, guided treks are offered.

    Bhor Ghat: 

    Traveling the roads of Bhor Ghat in Karjat will leave one hooked and in a state of spellbinding wonder. Situated on the Konkan Coast, on the Deccan plateau, lies this gorgeous Ghat. One of Karjat's greatest drives is this one. Khandala is also adjacent to this lovely ghat. Nestled between the largest peaks of the western ghats, Bhor Ghat captivates travelers with its amazing panoramic views and thick forests from the mountaintop. Due to its connections to several other surrounding locations, including Revdanda, Choul, Panvel, and others, this location was also historically significant. Without a doubt, one of the attractions close to Karjat is this.

    Bahiri Caves: 

    Another fantastic escape in the powerful state of Maharashtra is the Bahiri Caves. This location draws both pilgrims and thrill-seekers in exactly the same way. If you're searching for an adrenaline sensation, these caverns are among the greatest locations to walk in Karjat. The journey up is really difficult. Trekkers should use caution when trekking to these massive caves. The Bahiri caverns, where Lord Bahiri resides, are 600 meters above the Ulhas valley. The jaw-dropping crests of Sahyadri and the twin pillars of Shrivardhan, Manranjan, and Rajmachi can also be seen from these breathtaking caverns. This location draws hundreds of devotees to itself during Chaitra Purnima.

    Blackwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam: 

    This place would be perfect if you're wondering what to do on the weekends to pass the time. You can chill out and breathe some long-lost enthusiasm into a boring routine with a trip to this location. This dam has been under development for about 25 years and is located close to the little village of Diksal. Also this dam is rather near to the Matheran hill station and Bhivpuri. This location is noteworthy because of the beautiful views it provides. The verdant, brilliant forest areas with a deep canopy surrounded by rushing waterfalls are utterly captivating. This is unquestionably one of the greatest destinations from Kajrat to visit if you're planning a fun weekend trip.

    ND Studio: 

    Another worthwhile destination in the Karjat area is ND Studio. This studio gets good use for movies, TV series, and advertisements. The most well-known movies from this location are Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar, and Slumdog Millionaire. This massive studio has two enormous levels that are up to 240/100 feet in size and are utilized for interior shooting. It also has open areas, strongholds, and gigantic Havelis. Being only an hour's drive from Mumbai, this location is among the greatest to visit from Mumbai and is also one of the most intriguing and well-known destinations.

    Peth Fort: 

    Peth Fort has an amazing view if that's what you're searching for. Perched on a hilltop, the fort provides sweeping viewpoints of the surroundings. There are many steps to climb, making it an excellent spot to work out. From the base settlement, the trek to the highest point of the fort takes around three hours. Although the route from the base village isn't very far, getting there might take two hours. About 55 kilometers from Karjat, on the Karjat-Murbad road, is where you could come across the Kothaligad fort.

    Zenith Waterfall: 

    Maharashtra is home to numerous outstanding waterfall locations, but Zenith Waterfall is among the most magnificent. There is a little trail that goes to the waterfall, which is situated in a forested region. Finding the trail might be challenging due to poor signage, but it is well worth it when you get to the waterfall. The Zenith Waterfall is located approximately 2 kilometers from Karjat's city center. From the city center, you can take an autorickshaw or a cab to get to the waterfall. The trip will take around ten minutes. 


    For those looking for a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural history, Karjat is a wonderful destination. There is something for everyone, from the calming rivers and green mountains to the exhilarating hikes and ancient forts. Karjat has everything, whether you're an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or someone trying to get away from the whirl of the city. Take advantage of the opportunity to stroll through the breathtaking Kondana Caves, have a picnic by the Bhivpuri Waterfalls, or just rest in this lovely town's serene environs. Karjat is a perfect weekend getaway because it's near to both Mumbai and Pune. So gather your belongings, take your camera, and get ready to explore this gorgeous paradise and make lifelong memories. Karjat awaits you!

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