Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling

    Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling

    May 16, 2024

    A beloved summer getaway for generations is Darjeeling. Darjeeling was just as appreciated during the British era as it is now. When the scorching summer heat got to be too much for the British Viceroys, they would retreat to the lovely hill resort. The main draw of Darjeeling tourism is its own unique colonial atmosphere combined with a characteristic steep landscape, which sets the town apart from other hill stations.

    Situated in the Lower Himalayan hills at a peak of 6,710 feet, Darjeeling is a vacation hotspot. The two main attractions for tourists visiting Darjeeling are the picturesque tea estates and the towering monasteries. The monasteries have religious importance for Buddhists, but the tea estates are a legacy of colonial society. The allure of Darjeeling's weather is yet another important component of the tourist industry. Many tourists are drawn in each year by the weather. In Darjeeling, it is never too hot. The best seasons to visit are autumn and spring, even if summers are moderate and enjoyable. Sightseeing is a fantastic experience throughout these two seasons. Darjeeling truly lives up to its title as the "Queen of Hills," with rhododendron blossoms in full bloom and clear blue skies.

    The fantastic weather and breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga were the main draws for visitors. Numerous tourist destinations have been built close to Darjeeling in order to meet visitor demand as well as because of the area's immense historical value. This summer vacation, are you planning a journey to Darjeeling? With its lush green valleys and snow-capped peaks, do the hills attract you? Do you have any questions concerning the must-see locations in Darjeeling? You've got to the right place if you don't know where to start.

    We'll look at the top 13 fascinating locations close to Darjeeling in this article, which you should definitely include on your travel schedule.

    13 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Darjeeling

    • Rock Garden
    • Tiger Hill
    • Batasia Loop
    • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Darjeeling Zoo
    • Ghoom Monastery
    • Mahakal Temple
    • Darjeeling Ropeway
    • Sandakphu
    • Mall Road
    • Kalimpong
    • Kurseong 
    • Rohini
    • Mirik 

    1. Rock Garden:

    Chunnu Summer Falls is surrounded by a rock garden that is built around 10 kilometers from Darjeeling's main center. It has several levels, and from a distance, the entire image appears to be really stunning. There are neatly manicured gardens and benches at every level, and a waterfall tumbles down the steep hills. You can see the full scenery as you travel uphill in your vehicle as it travels these slopes. There are severe turns and curves on the road ahead, and the climb is steep. When you're traveling upward, the way clouds play hide and seek will capture your attention right away. The sky in front of the car's windshield is occasionally gloomy and foggy, and often the clouds descend to a lower tier. As you move downward, the waterfall's calming rhythm helps to soothe your spirit. Seasonally, vibrant and lovely flowers are in full bloom, and the garden is elegantly decorated with them.

    2. Tiger Hill:

    You will always cherish the memories you have of watching the sunrise over Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. Along with the stunning orange glow of the morning sun, a panoramic view of the towering Kanchenjunga is also seen. Tiger Hill is located at the height of 8482 feet above sea level and is around 11 kilometers far away from Darjeeling. There are natural forest reserves all around. On the mountaintop, an observatory deck is being built to accommodate the hordes of tourists who arrive during the busiest times of year. Around four in the morning is the viewing hour. Shivering people huddled together, wearing heavy coats, scarves, woolen hats, monkey caps, mufflers, and waiting for the sun to rise make excellent scenes. It's an incredible sight to see the sun gently peeking over the horizon. As the sun creates its masterpiece, the mountain ranges exhibit a vibrant array of colors. The types of images that photographers will be able to take will have them delighted. Your early morning struggles with sleep and the chill will be more than made up for by the magnificent landscapes.

    3. Batasia Loop:

    Batasia Loop is a circular railway loop that circles a beautifully manicured park around 5 kilometers from Darjeeling. The 50,000 square foot garden is scattered with several flowering plants. It is located near Ghoom Station's base. This track is used by the Darjeeling toy train, which circles the area and gives the region its name. It is indeed an attractive sight and a popular Darjeeling tourist destination. This location has a historical significance. The purpose of the Batasia loop is to provide a more smooth incline for the toy train to descend after it reaches Ghoom station. The earlier fall was one hundred feet steep, too steep for the toy train to travel on. 

    4. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Darjeeling Zoo:

    This location is wonderful for those who enjoy trekking or mountain climbing. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is several different things at once. It serves as a museum, boarding school, the Himalayan Zoological Park, and a gift store. The museum is filled to the brim with equipment for mountaineering and items required for adventures. In honor of two well-known mountain climbers, Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, who had scaled Mount Everest in 1953, the museum was constructed. For those kids who want to study climbing, there is a residential school. The Darjeeling Zoo is the common name for the zoo. It is home to various endangered species and covers around 68 acres of land. You can snap a snow leopard sleeping soundly or a Siberian tiger stalking if you enjoy wildlife photography. There is also the ever-elusive red panda to be spotted. Numerous species of vivid and exquisite birds will also be visible to you.

    5. Ghoom Monastery:

    Yiga Choeling Monastery is the historical name for the Ghoom Monastery. It is around 8 kilometers from the heart of Darjeeling and is located at a peak of 8,000 feet in Ghoom. It so happens that the monastery is the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery to be constructed in Darjeeling. The year it was constructed was 1875. It is an acknowledged place of pilgrimage that fills up quickly throughout the summer. In spite of the exterior architecture, it houses the almost fifteen-foot-tall "Maitreya Buddha" statue. It appears that the clay used to build the Buddha statue within the monastery came from Tibet. From ancient times, two oil lamps have been burning in front of the Buddha statue year-round. Impressive, isn't it?

    6. Mahakal Temple:

    The Mahakal Temple serves Lord Shiva and is a place of great devotion. The "Holy Hill" is the name of the hill that this temple sits upon. It is within a short distance from Chowrasta. The presence of both a Buddhist monk and a Hindu priest at the holy place is what makes this temple the most fascinating. This is due to the fact that both Buddhists and Hindus regard this temple as sacred. There is a tale that states that this location was formerly a Buddhist monastery, which is how the two civilizations merged. Shiva Ratri is observed with plenty of celebration and majesty. There is an unparalleled tranquility all around in a serene and spiritual setting. This shrine is located somewhat above Mall Road.

    7. Darjeeling Ropeway:

    The ropeway in Darjeeling is the most popular tourist destination, drawing both adults and children. The location from which you must start the ropeway is Singamari. Because it provides an amazing birds-eye view of the valley that runs along the Little Rangeet River, the ropeway is also known as the Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable. The cable car provides breathtaking perspectives of the surrounding deep woods, flowing rivers, rich green tea plantations, and tumbling waterfalls. It takes over 45 minutes to complete the cable car journey. You will be able to drop from 7000 feet to 800 feet in this little amount of time. It is possible to exit from the ropeway and explore a few of the tea gardens. Try speaking with the women who pluck tea leaves in the area and pick up some knowledge about this amazing craft.

    8. Sandakphu:

    Sandakphu's postcard-like views at first sunrise make it a popular tourist destination. The four highest peaks in the world could possibly be visible to you if you are fortunate enough to have a clear, viewable sky. From Sandakphu, one can see unforgettable sunrises as well as sunsets. To guarantee that you receive the finest views possible, there are even two unique viewing positions. Although most visitors to Sandakphu climb up to this well-known trekking destination, it is also easy to drive up to this location. Trekking is a much more fun option because driving up to the location is not recommended due to poor road conditions. This is undoubtedly a paradise for trekkers.

    9. Mall Road:

    Mall Road is a fantastic final destination for the shopaholic in you. The market is bustling throughout the whole day up to the late evening hours. Nearly anything you might possibly desire to buy is available. There are visitors on the road, either going out to eat at a restaurant or shopping for branded and local goods. There isn't an individual brand destination on Mall Road. Numerous ethnic goods, including beautifully crafted carpets, shawls with hand embroidery, Tibetan masks, costume jewelry, etc., can potentially be seen there. The stores along Mall Road provide a variety of woolen products with attractive patterns. On the sides of the road, you will also find tiny eateries, cafés, and bookshops. Before making any purchases from this store, the only skill you need to acquire is bargaining hard. You will be able to get decent offers if you are an excellent negotiator.

    10. Kalimpong:

    Built 1250 meters above the sea level is Kalimpong. The distance from Darjeeling is around 50 kilometers. Summers are nice and winters are sometimes quite icy. The summer months are the best time to visit Kalimpong. The finest of both worlds is what Kalimpong has to offer tourists. Because there are so many churches and monasteries around, it is both calm and serene. Kalimpong is home to lovely nurseries with an interesting variety of orchid species. To observe the variety of different flower kinds, these nurseries are well worth a visit. In Kalimpong, there are three noteworthy monasteries that are of special importance. These are the Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Gompa, the Tharpa Choeling Gompa, and the Tongsa Gompa. In case you are narrowing down your list of must-see locations in Darjeeling, this must be included in your itinerary.

    11. Kurseong:

    Compared to other areas and cities close to Darjeeling, it is calmer. The height of this location is 1458 meters above sea level. The original meaning of Kurseong was "the place of the White Orchid." Because of the numerous creative creations created here, Kurseong has gained historical fame. Rabindranath Tagore, the renowned poet, writer, and literary artist, wrote a great deal of his songs and poetry in this town. Eagles Craig and the Makaibari tea garden are open for visits. Eagles Craig is a towering cliff that is used as an observation point to see Kurseong, a picturesque village. Makaibari Tea Estate is well-known for both its tea and its scenic surroundings.

    12. Rohini:

    Darjeeling is located 66 kilometers away from Rohini. Siliguri is nearby. The wonderful natural surroundings and forested areas of Rohini draw tourists. Every year, people find themselves drawn to Lama Gomba's woodlands, particularly those who enjoy taking jungle trips and watching animals. Dudhia is a picnic area that can be reached from Rohini in about fifteen minutes by transport. In Rohini, there is a hilltop that offers stunning views of the valley and neighboring mountain ranges.

    13. Mirik :

    Mirik is around 49 kilometers from Darjeeling and can be reached in 2.5 hours either by cab, shared jeep, or private vehicle. It is well-known for having a significant natural lake that is 5,000 feet above sea level. The weather is good for tourists because it is lower in height. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Darjeeling is Mirik. This is because it is tucked away in lovely surroundings. The ambiance is peaceful and serene, with enormous pine trees all around. Sumendu Lake is another name for Mirik Lake. This lake is crossed by the Rainbow Bridge, a footbridge. Mirik Lake spans 1.25 kilometers. Its eastern side features attractive landscaping, while its western bank is lined with Dhupi trees. Mirik Lake is a popular boating destination. With its extended length, the lake invites you to boat lazily while taking in views of the snow-capped high peaks. The climate is consistently nice and moderate. In the summer, the temperature never rises beyond 30 degrees Celsius, and in the winter, it never drops below 2 degrees Celsius. You might think about spending one or two nights partying at Mirik as part of your Darjeeling vacation because it's a great spot to stay.


    World travelers fall in love with Darjeeling's vast beauty and quiet surroundings, which are like gold mines. This hill station offers a singular and remarkable experience around every curve, from the green tea plantations to the magnificent views of the Himalayas. Darjeeling has a lot to offer, regardless of your interests—nature lovers, adventure seekers, or people just looking for peace and quiet. Plan a visit to this little town so you can revel in the beauty of the natural world and the diversity of its culture. Unquestionably, one of the most breathtaking locations that Mother Nature has given us is Darjeeling.


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