Places To Visit in Belgaum

    Places To Visit in Belgaum

    Jun 06, 2024

    Belgaum, a charming Karnataka town, is situated at the base of Sahyadri. There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Belgaum, which offers historical and spiritual landmarks along with natural beauty. And this picturesque getaway is the perfect spot to take a quick rest and recharge. To satisfy your wanderlust, Belgaum has a wealth of sites to see, including waterfalls, temples, and palaces.

    Our list of must-see locations includes the top sites to discover in Belgaum so you can enjoy your vacation hassle-free. Continue reading to learn more about the best of the best places to visit in Belgaum as you scroll down!

    14 Best Places To Visit In Belgaum

    1. Belgaum Fort
    2. Jamboti Hills & Falls
    3. Kamala Basti
    4. Kote Kore
    5. Kittur Fort and Palace
    6. Sri Mauli Devi Temple
    7. Rajhans Gad Yellur Fort
    8. Kapileshwar Temple
    9. Hidkal Dam
    10. Shri Hari Mandir
    11. Gokak Falls
    12. St. Mary's Church
    13. Vajrapoha Falls
    14. Yellamma Temple

    Belgaum Fort: 

    First things first is this surreal beauty. The Ratt Dynasty's emperors are thought to have constructed Belgaum Fort around AD 1204. Known as Belgavi Fort, this is one of Belgaum's most visited locations. The magnificent lotus pattern at the Mukhamantaapa puts everyone in amazement. The architectural fort shows a blend of Chalukyan, Deccan, and Indo-Saracenic art forms, with temples of Goddess Durga and Ganapati at the entrance. Within the fort region are various mosques and Hindu and Jain temples.

    Jamboti Hills & Falls: 

    For those who enjoy trekking and adventure, Jamboti Hills should be at the top of your list of destinations in Belgaum. The longest river in Goa, the Mandovi River, was born in Jamboti Hills, an isolated region that is peaceful and attractive to explore. Clearly one of the most beautiful destinations close to Belgaum, this spot is ideal for hikers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

    Kamala Basti: 

    Among Belgaum's top tourist destinations is Kamala Basti. This sacred site, which is housed inside the Belgavi Fort complex, is constructed in the Chalukyan style and has a black stone idol of Neminatha. Kamala Basti, with its elaborate sculptures and artwork, is the ideal fusion of architectural beauty and religious importance. The Mukhamantapa, a lotus curled on the ceiling, is particularly striking.

    Kote Kore: 

    You cannot avoid Kote Kore if you are vacationing in Belgaum with your family and children. This urban lake is kept up well and is encircled by beautiful vegetation. This location is ideal for day trips, picnics, fun, and games since it offers speedboats, pedal boats, and toy train rides.

    Kittur Fort and Palace: 

    One of the most fascinating locations close to Belgaum is Kittur Fort and Palace, which was constructed by Rani Chennamma. This location has temples dedicated to Maruti, Kalmeshwara, Dyamavva, and Nathapanthi Matha along with a magnificent archeological museum housed inside the palace. For those who enjoy archeology, this museum is a visual feast with its magnificent collection of weaponry, armor, knickknacks, jewelry, costumes, and ancient sculptures and inscriptions.

    Sri Mauli Devi Temple: 

    Sri Mauli Devi Temple is another center of worship that you should visit while on vacation in Belgaum. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations close to Belgaum is this one, which is situated in Kankumbi hamlet on the Chorala Ghat. This temple, which is devoted to the Mauli Goddess, is frequented by both residents and visitors, and everyone is mesmerized by the amazing views of the surroundings from within.

    Rajhans Gad Yellur Fort: 

    One of the most striking historical sites in Belgaum, Karnataka, is Rajhans Gad Yellur Fort. Archaeological evidence indicates that several Indian royal lineages, including the Marathas, Peshwas, Hoysalas, and Bahamanis, ruled over this fort. Situated on a hill, one will relish climbing to the fort and taking in the magnificent view of the natural surroundings. Furthermore, an old Shiva temple and a spring with pleasant water can be found atop the hill.

    Kapileshwar Temple: 

    The Kapileshwar Temple, sometimes referred to as "Dakshina Kashi," is one of the most fascinating sites to see in Belgaum. There are twelve Jyotirlingas at this pilgrimage location. During the months of Shravan and Mahashivratri, the majority of devotees come to this temple. So, if you'd want to learn more about 12 jyotirlingas, this is a must-see.

    Hidkal Dam: 

    Hidkal Dam is one of the greatest spots to visit in Belgaum for couples if you're looking for a quiet area to explore with your significant other. Water flows by this sizable dam to the town's crops and residents. Visit this location at dusk or dawn to be dazzled by the sun's colors, and make sure your camera is ready to capture jaw-dropping photos.

    Shri Hari Mandir: 

    One of Belgaum's most important religious sites to visit is Shri Hari Mandir. This temple has been said to have a calming effect on several visitors. This temple honoring Lord Vishnu is a must-visit if you're seeking mental peace of mind. The locals come together and organize several auspicious festivals throughout the year.

    Gokak Falls: 

    Situated by the Ghataprabha River, this is among Belgaum's most picturesque destinations. Following a flowing path, the river drops from a height of 171 feet, surrounded by sandstone cliffs and green mountains, to produce Gokak Falls, one of Belgaum, Karnataka's most popular tourist destinations. Overlooking the waterfall is a hanging bridge that offers jaw-dropping views of the tumbling stream. In between taking in the amazing beauty of the waterfall and its surrounds, one can also visit the neighboring, ancient Lord Mahalingeshwara temple. If you are visiting Belgaum for a single day, be sure to include a visit to Gokak Falls in your schedule.

    St. Mary's Church: 

    One of the other pleasant locations in Belgaum, Karnataka, is St. Mary's Church. The church serves as a reminder of this city's past because it was constructed during the British era. Many villagers still go to the church, and many have reported feeling at peace there. St. Mary's Church is one of the nicest churches in Belgaum, but it's also a serene place where you can sense the calm atmosphere.

    Vajrapoha Falls: 

    One of the city's highlights, Vajrapoha Falls is a magnificent waterfall tucked away in Jamboti, close to Belgaum. The falls provide a picture-perfect scene that is well worth seeing, looking out over the well-known Sahyadri mountains. Come here in the evening to hear the melodies of the abundant natural world.

    Yellamma Temple: 

    Saundatti town in the Belgaum district is home to the holy Hindu sanctuary known as Yellamma Temple. Another name for it is Renuka Temple. The temple is situated atop Yellamma Gudi, also called Siddhachal Parvat, a hill. From this temple, which overlooks the Malaprabha River, visitors can bask in incredible natural beauty. The fertility goddess Yellamma is honored at the temple. The history of the temple dates back to the days of Devadasi, the custom of devoting young girls to the temple. The Karnataka government banned this practice. In the Yellamma hill range, several important pieces of archeological evidence have been discovered.


    Belgaum is a hidden treasure in Karnataka that combines breathtaking scenery, interesting historical sites, and a lively local culture. Every location, from the majestic Belgaum Fort to the tranquil Gokak Falls, highlights the city's rich history and offers a unique tale. For those looking for serenity and stunning scenery, the serene ambiance of Kamal Basti and the mesmerizing sceneries of Jamboti Hills are ideal. Trekking paths in the Western Ghats and discovering Vajrapoha Falls provide thrilling experiences for adventure seekers. Belgaum is a location that is highly recommended due to its distinctive fusion of modernity and heritage. Belgaum has a lot to offer everyone, whether they are adventure seekers, environment lovers, or history buffs. So gather your belongings and head off to stumble upon Belgaum, a quaint city. 


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